Class 9th - Forces and Laws of Motion

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Class 9th - Forces and Laws of Motion

From the previous chapter, Motion, we have come across several aspects to quantify the motion of a body. Some of them being distance, displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration. But we have still not discovered the cause of motion i.e., what makes a body move? How is the body able to change its speed? Such questions will find an answer in this chapter, Force and laws of motion.


These video lectures have been prepared exclusively for the students of class 9 of English Medium Central Board of Secondary Education, who ought to have a better understanding of the “Structure of the atom."


Priyanka Choudhary

She holds an M Sc. in physics from Pondicherry Central University and also B Ed. from Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Bhubaneswar. She comes with some experience as a physics and chemistry teacher in schools as well as IIT Foundation courses. Currently associated with Tutorials Point as a Trainer, she makes video lectures on Physics and Chemistry for classes 9 and 10. She makes the concepts easier to understand for the students.