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Class 11th Statistics for Economics

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Created by Madhu Bhatia, Last Updated 05-Sep-2019, Language:English


 We would learn about collection, organisation and presentation of quantitative and qualitative information pertaining to various simple economic aspects systematically. we will also learn about some basic statistical tools to analyse, and interpret any economic information and draw appropriate inferences so as to understand the behaviour of various economic data.


We shall in this course learn about topics related to  class 11th Statistics CBSE . We shall learn about what is statistics, important terms, how data is collected, organised and presented. We shall learn about Measures of Central Tendency, Measure of Dispersion, correlation & Index Numbers. Each video shall have indept problems for each of the topic covered.

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Madhu Bhatia

Madhu Bhatia is a CA, MBA (Finance) and a M.com. She has 5 years of Teaching experience and has been teaching to Class XI, XII, CA as well as MBA students apart from providing corporate training. She is an active member of ICAI and also writes for various websites and her own blogs. Education : CA, MBA (Finance) & M.com