Class 11th - Lipids

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Class 11th - Lipids

A lipid is defined as a water-insoluble biomolecule which has a high solubility in nonpolar organic solvents such as chloroform. The simplest lipids are the fats, which are triesters made up of one glycerol and three fatty acids. The term fats is also used as a general synonym for lipids, so the more precise terms triacylglycerols or triglycerides are preferable for the simplest lipids. Triacylglycerols are used primarily for energy storage in animals. More complex lipids, the phospholipids, glycolipids, and cholesterol, are the major constituents of biological cell membranes.


These video classes have been designed to suit the curriculum of CBSE Class 11 students and NEET. These classes will be helpful in preparing the students for their board examinations as well as other competitive exams.


Deepti Trivedi

Deepti has been involved in teaching biology and biotechnology to students ranging from masters' level to middle school level for 5+ years. She has worked as Research scholar in the field of microbial nanoparticle synthesis in the Botany Department of Sukhadia University, Udaipur (Rajasthan). She is Master's in biotechnology from Rajasthan University and also has experience in teaching & designing science curriculum for Cambridge school. She is passionate about learning and teaching ever-evolving concepts in biology and loves to innovate in teaching methodologies.