Chegg Alternatives

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an education technology company in America which provides different types of services to students. Some of these services include

  • Online textbook rental

  • Scholarships

  • Internships

  • Help in homework

  • Tutoring

Students can get help to study various subjects. They can also directly contact with their tutors to get live online help. Chegg does not provide experience so that students can get a job but it helps them to learn more topics in less time. There are several cases where students asked the question on the website and they got their answers within 2 hours.

Cost of Chegg

The services provided by Chegg are not free. But the company provides 5 Chegg practice questions per month for free. The fee charged by the company is as follows −

  • $14.95 a month for Chegg Study

  • $9.95 a month for Chegg Math Solver

  • $9.95 a month for Chegg Writing

Why Chegg Alternatives?

Chegg has some disadvantages which are listed below −

  • The cost of the services is high

  • The prices of books are not competitive

  • Limited to certain devices

How to Choose a Chegg Alternative?

Chegg has many advantages and they should also be available in the alternatives of your choice. Some of the advantages can be found below −

  • Flexible hours

  • You can create your work schedule as per your desire

  • One-to-one tutoring is available

  • Chegg provides different types of services to the students

  • Math problems can be solved easily and efficiently

Top 10 Chegg Alternatives

There are many Chegg alternatives available that provide their services at cheap prices. Here we will discuss some of the Chegg alternatives in detail.

Alternative 1 – Course Hero

Course Hero consists of more than 60 million study materials. You can get different types of textbooks and solve different problems on a step-by-step basis. If you want to ask a question, you will get the reply within 15 minutes while in the case of Chegg, it is 2 hours. The price of services is less than Chegg. Subject materials can be found on the basis of schools or subjects.


  • Get expert answers

  • Get textbooks

  • Get help from more than 60 million study materials

  • Ask a question and get the answer in 15 mins

  • Services available at cheap price

Alternative 2 – PaperHelp

PaperHelp is considered as one of the best alternatives to Chegg. It is also one of the best Paper Writing Service providers. Students can choose the type of writing as per their assignments Students have to make payments according to the type of services that they have opted.


  • Services available at affordable cost

  • Students can pay as per the writing they have opted

  • Students can provide a deadline and the project will be completed accordingly

  • Students are allowed to choose the type of writing

Alternative 3 – Bartleby

Bartleby is a platform which provides different types of services as follows −

  • Bartleby Tutor

  • Bartleby Write

  • Bartleby Learn

  • Bartleby+

The platform provides paid services and you just have to pay $9,99 to avail them. Bartleby also comes with AI technology which will help to proofread your work. Bartleby has a huge collection of books and you can borrow any of them.


  • Services available at affordable price

  • Proofreading is done through AI technology

  • A huge collection of textbooks

Alternative 4 – Quizlet

Quizlet is an alternative to Chegg which provides different types of services like homework help, and reviewing of school work. The platform has a wide collection of textbooks. You can also browse questions and get the best answers, Quizlet offers flashcards which can be organized into study sets. Snapshots of notes can be taken through a camera and can be added to the sets.


  • Create complex diagram

  • Learn solutions to every problem in a step-by-step manner

  • Free plan of Quizlet also provides a lot of services

Alternative 5 – TutorBin

TutorBin is a platform that has top experts to provide solutions to the problems of students. The experts will help the students to complete their assignments They will also guide the students to increase their grades. The tutors are expert and they provide all help to complete the homework and assignments. They will also help in resolving problems related to different subjects.


  • Experts help students to complete their assignments

  • In-depth explanation is provided for the homework

  • Video solutions on demand are also available

  • Students can also go for live sessions

Alternative 6 – Coursera

Coursera is a popular website which provides thousands of courses to students. One of the best features of this platform is that it has made partnerships with more than 200 universities of the world. The platform provides different types of degree programs whose cost is very low in comparison to the cost offered by campuses. Coursera also provides certificates for the courses


  • Get certificates for the courses

  • Avail of thousands of courses provided by the website

  • Partnership with more than 200 universities

Alternative 7 – Stack Exchange

If you are looking for help regarding questions and answers, Stack Exchange is there to help you. You can ask for answers related to any topic. The platform has answers on simple as well as advanced topics. You can ask questions without making any payment.


  • Ask questions without paying any money

  • The platform has 170 sites to answer questions to different subjects

  • You can also browse answers to the questions that other people asked

Alternative 8 – Plainmath

Plainmath is a platform that helps students to resolve different types of math problems. Other sites provide only general approach to the subject but Plainmath discusses the topics in depth. You can easily find solutions to all your math problems. You can also ask questions regarding some specific problems related to math. Besides this, the platform also provides study tools and textbook solution for the subject.


  • Get help for all the mathematics problems

  • Plainmath discusses all the problems in depth and provides the solution

  • You can also avail textbooks and study material

Alternative 9 – Book Finder

Book Finder is a platform where you can borrow textbooks as per your requirements. This platform provides educational guides to everyone who needs guidance for their studies. The platform has many collections which you can use to enhance your academic paper. The site is available all over the world and everybody can get benefitted.


  • Borrow textbooks as per the requirements

  • Complete your assignments easily

  • Bargain for price of the books

Alternative 10 –

Answers is an alternative to Chegg. has a free plan which many students can use to resolve their problems. There are a few plans available and the lowest one starts from $1.99 per year. Monthly pay is also low and it is only $9.99 per month. Flash sales are also available frequently in which a 50 percent discount is given for each plan.


  • Much cheaper than Chegg

  • Free plan can be used by many students

  • Monthly and annual plans are also very low

  • Flash sales available at a 50 percent discount


Chegg is an education company that helps students to complete their homework and assignments. Students can also ask questions and get their answers from the Experts. As Chegg is very costly so many students look for different alternatives.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023

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