Check Point SANDBLAST course [Expand your CCSA and CCSE] -2022

Boost your Sandbox knowledge | Advanced Threat Prevention | Endpoint Protection from scratch | Protect MAIL & WEB traffic

  Evgenii Puzakov

   Network & Security, Cyber Security, IT Networking Fundamentals, IT & Software

  Language - English

   Published on 03/2022



In this Sandblast course, we cover everything to start working with Check Point sandbox technology. The course includes detailed Lectures and 3 Labs that will fully cover SANDBLAST technology.  

The following course includes lectures on how Check Point features work and the walk-through of the configuration in the lab/production environment. From the very beginning following step-by-step approach you will be able to grasp advanced concepts and step on the next level.


  • What is a Sandbox?

  • Types of Deployment

  •  Licensing

  •  Sandblast Appliances

  •  Required Ports between Check Point components

  •  How to PoC (Proof of Concept)

Lab1 Sandblast [WEB] :

  • Downloading ISO

  • Getting Evaluation license and installing it

  • Protecting Web Traffic with Sandblast (TE + TX + HTTPs inspection)

Lab2 Sandblast [Mail] :

  • Protecting MAIL traffic with Sandblast (TE+TX)

  • Hybrid Mode

(Includes the installation of DNS server, Mail Server, E-mail clients and MTA on Check Point device)

Lab3 Sandblast [Endpoint Security] :

  • Installing Endpoint Security [Part 1]

  • Installing Endpoint Security [Part 2]


  • You are NOT learning disconnected skills

  • You learn how to stack your security sandboxing knowledge together in a single, unified whole

  • You get to see and learn how Sandbox (sandblast) is set up on real devices in various examples

I have applied the streamlined, step-by-step method to excel as a security professional in less time than you ever thought possible.  I'm going to walk you through the main challenges in sandboxing, so you can step on the next level. 

What Will I Get ?

  • Understand Sandblast technology in great detail
  • Deploy Check Point Sandblast for WEB traffic
  • Deploy Check Point Sandblast for MAIL traffic
  • Deploy Check Point Endpoint Security


  • General Networking Knowledge
  • Basic Check Point skills
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