Check Point Getting Started - [Lab installation] - Pre-CCSA 2022

Deploy Check Point Firewall | Build a lab in VMware workstation & Proxmox | Learn about core Check Point products

  Evgenii Puzakov

   Cyber Security, Network & Security, IT Networking Fundamentals, IT & Software

  Language - English

   Published on 03/2022



The course is the introduction to the Check Point technology. 

In includes Theory to get you started right away and actual practice.
You will learn about the core products and will be shown how to build a lab from scratch in the virtual environment.

We will build a lab in VMware workstation environment, so you can deploy it on you own PC, so this way you will be able to play around with the product and learn it. 

We will also deploy it on the actual server using Proxmox virtualization and port forward connection to a windows machine. 

The course contains three sections:

  1. Introduction to the Check Point technology 

    (In this section we talk about what is Check Point, what are the main features of the vendor, how it can be implemented in the world of cyber-security)

  2. Building a lab from Scratch 

    (A step-by-step walk-through of Check Point firewall installation in the lab environment. It includes getting an ISO file, licensing, choosing proper configuration in VMware workstation, static routing, core things in Check point ecosystem to get the engine going)

 3. Building a lab from Scratch on the actual Server [Proxmox]

     (A guided approach on how to build your own working lab with Check Point products on the actual server) 

What Will I Get ?

  • Deploy Check Point firewall in VMware workstation
  • Deploy Check Point firewall in Proxmox virtualization 
  • Perform first-time configuration in Check Point environment


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