Cell Cycle & Cell Division

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Cell Cycle & Cell Division

Cell Division is the process by which two or more daughter cells are formed from a parent cell. This process is responsible for growth, development, continuation of species as well as evolution. This phenomenon of cell division also explain how variations arise in sexually reproduction organisms as well as explains how clones of a particular cell or organism is formed.


These video classes have been designed to suit the curriculum of Class 11 students. These classes will be helpful in preparing the students for their board examinations.


Pushpendu Mondal

Pushpendu Mondal has completed his Bachelors in Microbiology Honours form St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and completed his Masters from IIT Bombay in Biotechnology. He has a lot of core research experience and is also an Indian Academy Of Science Research Fellow. He is a very passionate teacher and has a teaching experience of 5+ years. He has previously worked for many education companies like Avanti Learning Centers, Samartha Educare LLP, XSEED and is experienced in preparing students for various Medical Entrance Examinations.