Can you show some pictures that prove you a skilled photographer?

I love taking pictures... quite often... and who doesn't, especially in the golden era of the extremely handy smartphones. You can capture any moment whenever and wherever your crazy 'Keeda' of photography bites you 😃😄😆.

Well, this was the formal introduction before coming to the point. You might find the 'intro' a little weird but as it's mentioned I have to show my "Photography Skills' not writing 😉😜.

So, there you are!

This one is the most recent and clicked without any specific agenda at all. Believe me. I was in office, having tea and just thought of clicking this after taking a flying view of the surroundings and ensuring that no one catches me doing such silly stuff, especially my colleagues who were around but busy in staring at their QUTE screens 😅😆😃😄.


This is my kido, and the naughtiest, over-active, highly curious as well as an adorable child I have ever seen. I caught him screwing up one of his favorite toys that remained no more a toy after a while clicking this.

Child Boy

The place is-Peddamma Temple, Road Number 36, CBI Colony, Hyderabad

I know it's great and one of my masterpieces. Just observe the lighting captured in the lens. The hustle and bustle of the people and the whole setting make it more influential. I am simply spot on here.


Note − All the pictures are snapped using my highly low-end mobile phone. Redmi 2 Prime. What? Can't believe. OK.. I am adding its picture as well. Indians na!!! Don't believe without a fucking proof.

Redme Prime

What! You liked this one?


Let me tell you my dear, I took it from Google 😉😜.

Now, tell me. Who keeps his/her own phone's picture in their phone? DUMBO.....😀😅😆😃😄🙌.

BTW, Keep looking at the space as I'll soon upload more moments.