Can you give some safe home tips for children?

Don't allow children to burn fire-crackers unless an elderly family member is present. Don't allow children to handle matches or lighters. Do teach them the dangers of playing with fire.

Don't leave a hot iron and with the cord hanging unattended. A child may pull it down on top of himself. Switch off and store the iron away with the cord coiled up when you have finished ironing.

Don't place utensils with hot liquids near the edge of the table. Don't keep stove handles jutting out within reach of children. Do keep all containers of hot fluid out of their reach.

Don't pour hot water into a bucket and leave your child alone with it, even for a minute. He may think it's ready for his bath and get fatally scalded as a result. Do fill the basin with cold water first, then add hot water for mixing into a warm bath.

Don't let children play near drains, pools, and streams; they might fall in and drown.

Do ensure that they are always free of any imminent danger. Do give children swimming lessons which will be of benefit to them in the long run.

  • Don't keep medicine in containers which can be easily uncapped by children. Colorful tablets could be mistaken for sweets.

  • Do keep medicine in child-proof bottles and containers, and under lock and key.

  • Don't use pest control chemical (e.g. mosquito mats), carelessly. A child could be poisoned if he swallows some.

Do put such chemicals away from children's inquisitive eye.

  • Don't give breakable toys (or items made of glass or ceramics) to your child. Your child could get badly cut.

Do give some sensible toys that are appropriate to your child's age.

  • Don't expose empty wall sockets which your child could tamper with. It is best not to allow them to play near plug points.

Do put safety caps on all unused electric outlets and switch off when not in use. Cover up any electrical points with heavy furniture to be out of their reach.