Can Maggi be really prepared in two minutes?

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I have grown up listening to this statement and watching the "two minutes" commercials of Maggi. But the oxymoron and irony is preparation does not take two minutes, but finishing a plate of highly aromatic masala Maggi actually takes me this incredibly unbelievable time.

Not A 2 Minutes Story

When the entire procedure of preparing our favorite Maggi noodles itself starts with boiling water in a pan or a wide bottomed utensil which takes two minutes, how is it possible to prepare the whole bowl of noodles in two minutes? And if it is plain noodles, it still can be done in less time, but what if you are up with a full-fledged recipe of Vegetable Maggi noodles, God's swear it takes minimum 12-15 minutes with ease.

Additional Tasks

I believe washing, peeling, and then chopping these vegetables is going to take a person like me 5 minutes in itself anyways. But, whatever time this culprit of obesity in many children takes, it is still the first love of many kids and will always remain.

Published on 20-Feb-2019 12:54:02