Can a microwave cause cancer?

We cannot imagine our lives without MicroWave Ovens. How many of you have ever wondered .. are these safe?

  • Microwave Ovens use microwaves in the form of electromagnetic field (EMF). These microwaves definitely will not be confined to the Oven. They will travel by air and reach you.

  • One more important thing is they emit Magnetic Fields which are categorized as carcinogenic.

  • Moreover, many people cook food in nongraded plastic containers in microwaves which can leave carcinogenic toxins into your food.

  • Most commonly Microwave is used to thaw frozen food and it was found that glucoside in the food is converted to galactoside giving scope to form carcinogens.

But all the above points are yet to be statistically proved before we come to the conclusion that microwave can cause cancer.