Cable TV Alternatives

What is Cable TV?

Cable TV is a system of distributing television channels with the help of fiber optic or coaxial cables. Some of the popular cable TV networks include EXPN, TNT, HBO, and many more. Cable TV networks are of two types which are as follows −

  • Traditionally Cable Networks

  • Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network

Why Cable TV Alternatives?

There are many disadvantages of cable TV which force people to search for other options. Some of these disadvantages are as follows −

  • Expensive in some countries

  • Shows can be watched according to the scheduled time

  • Customized viewing option is not available

  • Price can be raised suddenly

  • Cable TV programs are distracted by commercial breaks

How to choose a Cable TV Alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative to cable TV, you need to check for the benefits mentioned below −

  • Cable TV services are quite stable

  • Users can choose different packages for money saving

  • Cable TV is the best option for people residing on the mountains

  • Data streaming is not required

  • Both free and paid channels are available

Top 10 Cable TV Alternatives

There are many alternatives to cable TV and some of them are detailed here.

Alternative 1 – Sling TV

Sling TV is cheaper than the Cable TV and it can also be easily customized. Sling TV is a streaming service through which you can watch different channels like ESPN, NBC, and FOX. There are two packages and users have to choose one to watch TV. You can find different genres of content on this platform which include kids' section, comedy, foreign programs, and many more.


  • Customization is easy

  • Two packages are available to choose from

  • Different genre of content is available

Alternative 2 – Philo

Philo is a new service which was launched in 2017. You just have to pay $25 per month and get 64 channels. Philo is considered as one of the cheapest alternatives to Cable TV. It does not have a lot of news and sports channels but you can find movies and TV shows. You will have the option of connecting 3 devices at once. You have the option of creating 10 accounts.


  • Cheapest Alternative to Cable TV

  • Connect 3 devices at a time

  • A good option for TV shows and movie lovers

Alternative 3 – Netflix

Netflix is such a popular streaming website that there is no need to give any introduction. It is a platform which millions of users all over the world have subscribed. You can find all types of content on Netflix whether it is movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, and any more. The app can also stream content from studios like HBO, Fox, and Warner Bros. The app can be easily installed on iOS and Android devices and you can also, find it on Smart TVs.


  • Excellent substitute for cable TV

  • Lot of content available

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Alternative 4 – FuboTV

FuboTV has the largest collection of channels. You can find around 200 channels but it depends on the region where you live. You will also get the option of live streaming service. It is a little expensive option as you have to pay $74.99 to get 140 channels. Elite plan is available for $84.99 per month which adds 50 more channels. You can customize your viewing experience with the help of add-on packages.


  • You can get 200 channels depending on your location

  • Several add-on packages are available

  • You can also get live streaming service

Alternative 5 – YouTube TV

YouTube TV is simple and easy to use. It has a wide variety of channels which you can watch anytime. The platform has all the major broadcasting networks. You can easily watch movies, TV shows, sports, kid’s collections, dramas, and many more things. The price of YouTube TV is hiked and it is now $ 73 per month.


  • Watch all types of content

  • Unlimited storage

  • It has all the major broadcast network

Alternative 6 – Hulu

Hulu is an affordable alternative to the Cable TV. It is a streaming service where you can find original content. You will also have the option of watching shows from the local channels. Live TV options are also available with the platform. All Hulu packages can be used for two devices to stream movies and other programs. You can access all originals available on the platform. You will not face the problems of ads while streaming or downloading movies and other content.


  • No ads

  • Originals available

  • Cheaper than Cable TV

  • All Hulu packages available for two devices

Alternative 7 – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also a popular platform like Netflix. You can find a large number of shows and movies on the website. Live TV services are also available so you can watch live matches on sports channels. If you are a subscriber of the platform, you will get other benefits like free shipping when go for shopping. The trial period so for 30 days and you will have to pay $12.99 per month after this period is over.


  • A large library of TV shows and movies

  • Live TV options available

  • Affordable than Cable TV

Alternative 8 – Vidgo

Vidgo is a new platform which helps you to share features while streaming any movie or TV show. A free trial is not available for this platform. You can find Fox Sports and ESPN along with entertainment networks. It does not offer news channels. You will have to pay $69.99 per month for more than 110 channels. If you want 150 channels, you will have to pay $84.99.


  • Share features on social media while streaming movies

  • Fox, ESPN, and other entertainment networks available

  • No free trial available

Alternative 9 – DirecTV

DirecTV is a service which provides entertainment packages at a heavy price of $75 per month. You will get 75 channels at this price. It offers different types of plans which can lure you to purchase one You can select regional sports network through this platform. Unlimited DVR storage is also available by paying $10 per month. Another great feature of the app is parental control to restrict kids from watching certain channels.


  • Unlimited DVR storage available at $10 per month

  • Get 60 to 135 channels at different plans

  • Parental control feature available

Alternative 10 – HBO Now

The content of HBO is available on two platforms which include HBO Go and HBO Now. Device compatibility is the main difference between both programs. HBO Now is compatible with large number of devices in comparison to HBO Go. You can watch popular shows of the world after subscribing. HBO Now provides almost everything that you like to watch through Cable TV. You just need to spend $14.99 per month. HBO Now also provides a free trial for 7 days.

  • HBO Now is compatible with many devices

  • Popular shows are available

  • Subscription available at affordable price


Cable TV is a popular option to watch different types of shows and movies. It is stable and can provide hours of entertainment. But it is expensive and if it is shut down, it takes much time to start again. There are many alternatives to Cable TV and if you love live streaming, you can go for Netflix, HBO Now, and other options.

Updated on: 04-May-2023


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