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C to Learn Programming Technique : C to Master Skills

Created by Sandeep Thakur, Last Updated 31-Mar-2021, Language:English

C to Learn Programming Technique : C to Master Skills

C is to Develop Programming Technique and to Master in C, all the basic concepts of C, Basics to Data Structure

Created by Sandeep Thakur, Last Updated 31-Mar-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Programming techniques helps to develop Skills
  • Basic concepts of C Language gets strong
  • Learn and Understand all the topics of C Language in Depth


  • A computer installed with Windows/Linux
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Internet Connection


Step by Step explanation of each topics in C Language with lots of programs . This C Language course is aimed at complete Beginners and intermediate programmers. No previous programming experience is required . Explanation of C Language  program is in Flowchart to clear the concept and then implementation of program in C to better understand . Unique and easy methods to develop programming skills in  C and to understand the Basic concepts of C Language topics . Theoretical and practical explanation of all topics - Array , Pointers ,Functions , Structure etc. Easy approach to understand each topics of C Language.

Course Content

Sandeep Thakur

Computer Programming Instructor

More than 15 years of successful experience into teaching diverse group of students with an extensive pool of knowledge.

 Proven track record in handling difficult situations and making students utilize and realize their full potential.

• Enterprising go-getter who enjoys taking up and delivering challenging assignments.

• Excellent Analytical, conceptual, problem identification and problem solving skills

• People management – train, manage, motivate, and lead.

• Responsible for providing guidelines to students to help them complete course projects;

• Handle the tasks of teaching concepts in C, C++ and Java and projects;

• Handle the tasks of instructing students on the maintenance and upgrade of software tools and

• Responsible for taking modules related to computer Hardware and Networking;

• Providing mentoring, advice and support to students on a personal level;

• Carrying out staff appraisals.

• Handled the tasks of online teaching in Java & Selenium

• Handled the tasks of providing training how to do automation testing of web-based software

Experience of Online teaching in Europe (Java & Selenium)

At present teaching Online Programming in India and Europe


Software & Operating system:

• Programming techniques, C, C++

• Java, , Software Project Management, Software Quality Assurance

.Advance Java (J2EE) - Servlet , JDBC , JSP , Spring 

• Selenium (Automation testing of Web-based software)

• RDBMS Concept, Oracle, Client/Server Concepts

• Windows, Windows NT, DOS

• Networking Technologies