C Language - Learn Computer Programming with C (skill set)

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C Language - Learn Computer Programming with C (skill set)

Be a better programmer by Learning the C Language.

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Course Description

You never had a machine programmed before and thought or learned that C is a decent programming language to start with.

You are right there! 

You may be a student who is struggling in understanding Programming. You may have some experience with other languages, but you want to learn C to add to your resume. Or maybe you stayed on a low-paying schedule job and want to move to a better, higher stage. 

This course will solve your issues related to Computer Language Programming.

The truth is that learning how to use C is not only an amazing programming language but also allows you to improve programming in other computer languages!

Why learn C?

C is also called the mother of all languages since there were so many other languages developed in C.

While C is simple, it is one of the strongest languages ever produced. It was developed more than 40 years ago, it remains widely used and is often the most common and widely-used programming language in the world in the top 5 or 10.

Learning C will potentially enhance your programming skills irrespective of your specific domain.

You will become a more effective programmer by studying how things work "under the hood" and by knowing memory space, CPU architecture, etc.

If you want to become a better developer, learning C is a great way to start!

Why choose this course for learning C Language Programming?

You will grasp the basic concepts of the C Programming Language by the end of this course and become more marketable to programming levels.

You will understand the variables, keywords, operators, and different data types of C Language. You will be capable of using features like Looping, Array, Pointers, Control Blocks.

The best part of this is along with the programming examples solved by me in the course, I have created a downloadable document for you to have 20 more problems to try your hands on. But if you got stuck in between I have provided the solutions for that too.

You'll really know the core language most modern languages use and will be in a position to apply for real-time programming positions!

If you have used the C language previously, your comprehension of it will be improved by this course.

You will learn how to write quality code and become a great troubleshooter. This course not only teaches how to code in C but also

gives all the information on "why" you do the things you do. You'll fully understand the C programming language concepts at the end of this course.

So don't think twice and click on Buy Now to get started.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Structure of C language Program
  • Data types, examples, programs, range
  • Control Statements- If Block and its variants
  • Different types of Operators - with the examples solved on online compiler
  • Control Statements- SWITCH Case and different examples and variants
  • C language : Basic Concept Of Looping. FOR LOOP with examples.
  • C language : While Loop and Do While Loop
  • C Language : Arrays with Examples- 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional Arrays
  • Strings - CHAR Array
  • C Language : Functions - Basics, Examples, Syntax
  • C Language: Functions - Call by value and Call by Reference
  • C Language : Recursion, Dry run examples of Recursion and Macros v/s Functions
  • C language : Recursion Practical Example | factorial of a number
  • C Language : Pointers - Basic Concept along with the examples
  • C Language : Structure - Structure along with examples of code
  • C Language : Practice Problems


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • An urge to acquire Programming Skills
  • One Computer System (Desktop, Laptop) for practicing the coding techniques
  • No prior knowledge in the field of C Programming language is required
C Language - Learn Computer Programming with C (skill set)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon C Language : Intro to this Course 01:03 01:03
  • play icon Introduction to C 15:51 15:51
  • play icon Knowledge of Flowcharts and Algorithms 27:41 27:41
First C Program - Header Files, Documentation Section, Main function, Key Words
1 Lectures
Data Types - int, float, char | Practical also involved
4 Lectures
Control Statements- IF ELSE and its variants
2 Lectures
Different types of Operators - with the examples solved on online compiler
1 Lectures
Control Statements- SWITCH Case and different examples and variants
1 Lectures
Control Statements- Looping and different examples and variants
2 Lectures
C Language : Arrays with Examples- 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional Arrays
2 Lectures
Functions - Basics, Examples, Call by value and Reference, Recursion, Macros
4 Lectures
Pointers - Basic Concept along with the examples
1 Lectures
Structure - Struct along with examples of code
1 Lectures
Practise Problem
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Anchal Kamra

Anchal Kamra

Assistant Professor teaching CSE Subjects

(Objective: To constantly learn and elevate own standards and parameters of development.) 

I am Anchal Kamra, an Assistant Professor, teaching CSE subjects for the last 4 years at a prestigious University in India. I am currently running a youtube channel and a blog that is focused on computer science subjects only. I am certified and qualified with GATE (four times) and UGC NET. 

I am very passionate about teaching students and making them understand difficult concepts with ease and simplification. I am a self-disciplined, inquisitive, and firmly decisive individual with a passion for training and imparting the most relevant and updated knowledge. 

I have a strong inclination towards taking up complex challenges and coming up with efficient solutions quickly. I also record my video lectures and manage the audio-video quality along with that. I am a versatile being who believes in being progressive. 

I have a positive demeanor and pass the same to my students. I hope you won't regret buying my course.

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