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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

Created by Pavan Lalwani, Last Updated 26-Nov-2020, Language:English

Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

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Created by Pavan Lalwani, Last Updated 26-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Design beautiful reports and dashboards for presentation
  • Get Insights of data in fast and easy way
  • Cleaning data using Power Query (ETL tool)
  • Visualize data using Power View
  • Work with Advanced cards and Slicers
  • Create Advanced visuals in minutes
  • Create Maps of different countries and regions


  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop tool
  • No Prior knowledge of any tool required.
  • Basics of Excel would be great but not mandatory


We would do the same thing here by torturing the data but with a new Business Intelligence tool by Microsoft i.e Power BI .

This course is designed from scratch right from downloading and installing a software to publishing and sharing dashboards to all end users.

So here course is designed for any user having no coding knowledge or any prior knowledge of any tool.

90% of training would be by button clicks , so no coding .

By End of training, a person can learn Power BI and would be eligible to work in a company for cleaning data, creating reports and dashboards.

Here Power BI as a package is considered having various tools in it. This course would cover Power Query, Power View and Power BI Service.

So lets get ready !!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to learn Power BI from scratch
  • Data analyst migrating from Excel
  • Data Scientist moving from Tableau, Qlikview or any other BI Tool
  • Anyone looking to pursue career in Data analysis and business Intelligence
  • Excel user looking to automate manual daily routine process
  • Excel user willing to learn VBA, as this can be best alternative for automation

Course Content

Pavan Lalwani

Corporate trainer

Pavan Lalwani is a Freelancer Technical trainer in this industry from last 10 Years. 

Having a worked with diverse domains in industry like Healthcare, Banking, Finance, HR, Marketing, IT, Mechanical and many more; he is well versed with the pattern of work and type of problems faced in those domains. 

He is knowledgeable of 22 Softwares belonging to Microsoft, HP, IBM and Tableau. 


Lastly he likes Tea :)