Business Power Pack Self-Study Package

Understand and utilise financial instruments to run a business effectively


GAIN KNOWLEDGE in understanding ALL Accounting, bookkeeping, and other Financial aspects of running a business with our comprehensive self-study financial courses POWER PACK

Understanding of all aspects Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial procedures are essential for the running of any business.

The below SELF-STUDY courses contain video presented content & practical notes, to do in your own time with no time limit to complete to assist the learner to understand all aspects of financial requirements for business effectively:

  • Understanding Financial Statements 

    How to read and use key data from the financial statements, to understand profitability and cash flow of a business.

  • Financial Statements Ratio Analysis

    How to analyse financial statements using key ratios, and to use this information to write a report on the financial health of the business

  • Manage Cash Flow & Profit

    How to use Financial Statements and Key Financial Ratios to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their businesses

  • Debt Collection Management

    How to best manage a debtor’s book to maximize Working Capital

  • Business Valuation

    How to value a business, whether you are looking to purchase the business, place a value on your business for the shareholder agreement, or simply to understand what your own business is worth

  • Accounts Payable Processing

    Why Accounts Payable is vital to add Value for Efficient Business Workflow and How to streamline Management Reports

  • Basic Business Bookkeeping

    A basic understanding of how the books of account are designed and integrated into business, leading ultimately into the Financial Statements

What Will I Get ?

  • By the end of the course, the student will understand all aspects of financial requirements for running a business successfully.


  • Basic understanding of financial statements

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