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Course Description

To a great extent, business activity across the world is carried on within a capitalist, market-based system. With regard to such a system, law provides and maintains an essential framework within which such business activity can take place, and without which it could not operate.

In maintaining this framework, law establishes the rules and procedures for what is to be considered legitimate business activity and, as a corollary, what is not legitimate. It is essential, therefore, for the businessperson to be aware of the nature of the legal framework within which they have to operate.

Even if they employ legal experts to deal with their legal problems, they will still need to be sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to recognize when to refer matters to those experts. It is the intention of this course to provide business students with an understanding of the most important aspects of law as they impinge on various aspects of business activity. One of the most obvious and most central characteristics of all societies is that they must possess some degree of order, in order to permit their members to interact over a sustained period of time.

Different societies, however, have different forms of order. Some societies are highly regimented with strictly enforced social rules, whereas others continue to function in what outsiders might consider a very unstructured manner, with apparently few strict rules being enforced. In this course we will focus on US business law.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Distinguish different philosophies of law—schools of legal thought—and explain their relevance.
  • Identify the various aims that a functioning legal system can serve.
  • Explain how politics and law are related.
  • Identify the sources of law and which laws have priority over other laws.
  • Understand some basic differences between the US legal system and other legal systems.
  • Define ethics and explain the importance of good ethics for business people and business organizations.
  • Understand the principal philosophies of ethics, including utilitarianism, duty-based ethics, and virtue ethics.
  • Distinguish between the ethical merits of various choices by using an ethical decision model.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Come with an open mind.
Business Law


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Business Law
9 Lectures
  • play icon What Is Law? 07:10 07:10
  • play icon Schools of Legal Thought - Part 1 05:11 05:11
  • play icon Schools of Legal Thought - Part 2 11:24 11:24
  • play icon Basic Concepts and Categories of US Positive Law - Part 1 07:36 07:36
  • play icon Basic Concepts and Categories of US Positive Law - Part 2 09:40 09:40
  • play icon Sources of Law and Their Priority - Part 1 07:43 07:43
  • play icon Sources of Law and Their Priority - Part 2 10:17 10:17
  • play icon Sources of Law and Their Priority - Part 3 10:55 10:55
  • play icon Legal and Political Systems of the World 06:38 06:38
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
11 Lectures
Courts and the Legal Process
5 Lectures

Instructor Details

Gilad James, PhD

Gilad James, PhD

Researcher of hidden knowledge

Hi :) I hope you'll let me share with you some wonderful teachings.

I hold a PhD in Mythology & Occultism from Bircham University. I've been researching different spiritual and religious teachings, ancient and modern texts and the occult for the past decade. I specialize in channeled teachings. These are teachings that were transmitted to people from beings on the other side!

I travelled the world in my quest to uncover hidden knowledge. I celebrated the new moon at a witch coven in New Zealand, I witnessed how a blind person begins to see in Mexico and helped ghosts complete their transition in Colombia. Research for me is not only about reading books, it's about people and culture.

I uncover hidden knowledge about different planes of existence, enhancing psychic abilities, manipulating energies, how to heal and perform miracles, what happens after death, how to initiate an out of body experience and even extraterrestrial teachings and philosophies.

These teachings are timeless and can help us find peace, tranquility and evolve spiritually. My goal in my courses is to help students find that inner peace and expand their consciousness.

I hope you'll let me become a friend and a guide to this crazy world of hidden and sacred knowledge.

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