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Building E-Commerce Applications with Express

person icon Daniel Stern


Building E-Commerce Applications with Express

Building a Cutting Edge Application Which Can Take Orders and Process Payments - From Scratch!

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Daniel Stern

English [CC]

category icon Business,E-Commerce,Web Development

Lectures -19

Duration -3.5 hours



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Course Description

Every day, the modern economy moves a bit more online. Will your business, or your technical skills, at the necessary level to thrive, or will you find it harder and harder to survive?

This is THE course for:

  • Business owners who want an online solution with maximum control

  • Developers who want to build practical, in-demand skills in order to get hired

  • People unsatisfied with existing ecommerce solution

  • Vendors tired of paying exorbitant fees to payment processing partners

We're going to cover SO MUCH STUFF in this course it's better just to have a look at the curriculum, but here's an eagle's eye view of everything we're going to learn:

  • Templating websites with React

  • Templating Emails with React

  • Building a REST API with Express

  • Storing data forever on MongoDB

  • Connecting Express to MongoDB

  • Storing credit card information in databases

  • Validating credit card information

  • Using Babel to compile Express applications

  • Using Webpack to build a React client

  • Source control with GIT

  • Managing state with Redux

  • Running subroutines with Redux Saga

  • Working with Browser routing using React Router

This is a MASSIVE course, you will learn a TON!

To beguile the time,
Look like the time.

-- Shakespeare

Don't hesitate, enroll RIGHT NOW!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web developers who want to learn about building applications
  • Intermediate developers who want to up their game
  • Businesspeople with a technical leaning who want to build a website for their own business


  • Serving Web Pages with Express
  • Compiling ES5 to ES6
  • Permanent storage with MongoDB
  • Templating Emails with React
  • Compiling React with Webpack
  • Validating and Storing Credit Card Info


  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS
  • Basic Node
Building E-Commerce Applications with Express


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

4 Lectures
  • play icon Why Build an E-Commerce Application? 02:18 02:18
  • play icon Can’t I Just Use PayPal? / The Advantages of Our Own Solution 06:09 06:09
  • play icon E-Commerce Application Workflow 02:17 02:17
  • play icon A Look at the Final Application 04:02 04:02
Scaffolding a Development Environment
3 Lectures
Creating a Client
5 Lectures
Building Up Application Functionality
4 Lectures
Completing the Transaction
3 Lectures

Instructor Details

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern

Known in development circles as “the Code Whisperer," Daniel Stern has been believed to possess a supernatural connection to computers ever since he talked the supercomputer Deep Blue off the roof of a twelve-story St. Petersburg apartment building, following its shameful loss to Gary Kasparov.

He can often be found singing softly to his tablet, or gently caressing his aluminum keyboard in his arms.

Daniel has been working as a front end and full stack developer in the tech industry since 2011. He's developed single-page applications for banks like CIBC, charities like the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and at ad agencies like McLaren McCann, TraffikGroup and Olson. Throughout his labors, he's worked on computer programming in his spare time because, well, he's obsessed with it.

In addition to being featured in both CSS Weekly and JavaScript weekly, Daniel is well-known throughout the open-source community for maintaining several open-source tools, most notably the Angular.js and LESS-based tool, Range .css and the Angular .js audio tool, ngAudio.

In addition to being trusted by the open source community to develop top-quality, functional code, Daniel has also been invited to speak at numerous conferences including Full Stack Conference 2014 in London, England.

Daniel is an active learner and very passionate about the following technologies,

- Node.js
- Angular.js
- TypeScript
- MongoDB
- Grunt
- Yeoman
- Many, many, many more

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