Build 10 Arduino Practical Projects today!

Learn by Practicing real world Projects to apply everything you have learned

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   Published on 01/2021



>>>Learning by theory and Simulation is only half the answer, but connecting, wiring and burning a code to an actual Arduino, not a simulated one is the other more important half, and this is what we will cover in this course, you will learn by making Arduino Practical Projects. <<<

Learning By doing is what makes the difference between someone who learn and someone who applies what he learned

  • In this course you will get the chance to see Arduino in Action, starting from simulation and moving forward to connecting the hardware and testing the code in real life.

  • This will help you make sure your circuit works as expected and you can witness yourself building your first Arduino fully functional.

  • The most important thing to note here is that when a circuit work with you in simulation, that doesn’t mean that it will work in real life, in more than 85% of the cases the simulated circuit doesn’t work when you connect it.

Learning by doing Arduino Practical Projects is the learn by practice approach that I prefer

  • This approach allows you to not only master new Arduino skills but also gain practical knowledge along the way.

  • Only a few people are satisfied with simulation, but if you want good results you must move on and hook up your circuit and test it out using real-life hardware parts.

  • I'm trying to help you gain real world practical experience in Arduino, so let's start.

You will learn to build the following projects:

Arduino Motion Detector: Step By Step Guide

Make your own Arduino Motion Detector and start Catching Intruders, Control devices and lots more Cool Application

Arduino Radar: Step By Step Guide

Create your Own Radar using Arduino and get a Green Map Showing Objects at your own Screen in no time

Arduino Web Control: Step By Step Guide

Make your own Arduino Web Control and start Controlling any device that you imagine using  A Simple Webpage and Arduino

Automatic Weight Measuring Machine using Arduino

This guide will help you make Arduino Coin Operated Automatic Weight Measuring Machine in a Step by Step Manner

Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino

Make your own Automatic Irrigation System and stop wasting time on checking your Soil manually and Start Automating Life

Arduino Weather Station: Step By Step Guide

Create your Own weather station using Arduino and get Temperature, Humidity and Time at your own home in no time

Arduino Bluetooth: Step By Step Guide

Control Your World and Surrounding using Your Own smartphone in this Step by Step Guide that Will Make Your Life Easier

Arduino Wireless Power Transmission

Make your own Arduino Wireless Power Transmission Project and Learn the Principles behind Wireless Power

Arduino Alarm Clock Using a Real Time Clock and LCD Screen

Make your own Arduino Alarm Clock and set the Alarming time and interact with Time and Date efficiently and effectively

Arduino Based Piano

Build a functioning Piano based on Arduino coding

What Will I Get ?

  • Connect different type of sensors and actuators to Arduino
  • Interface different type of electronic elements with Arduino
  • Use sensors and actuators to make useful projects
  • Program, burn a code and wire Arduino
  • Learn What are the right tools that you need to start making amazing projects
  • Learn What makes a great Arduino Project


  • Basic Knowledge in Electronics Circuits
  • Basic Knowledge in Circuit Design
  • Basic Knowledge in C Language
  • Basic Knowledge in Arduino
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Build 10 Arduino Practical Projects today!
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