Breeze Music Player - Learn Kotlin, MVVM and MediaPlayer API

Let's live code you first music player app. Extend and publish to Google Play.


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Language - English Published on 04/2021


Instead of listening to music from other people's music players, why not build one with your own hand. Yeah, in this course we teach how to build a pro mediaplayer from start to finish. After completing this course, you will have a mediaplayer good enough to accumulate downloads in Google Play store.

To make the player compatible with majority of devices, we are using native MediaPlayer API provided by the android sdk. We also teach you Model View ViewModel which will make our code clean and customizable, and can easily be collaborated on by other developers.

We use Kotlin Programming Language, the latest version, so you will also learn Kotlin. 

Here's why this course is for you:

  1. Beginner friendly course.
  2. Full app development from start to finish
  3. High quality clean code based on MVVM.
  4. Live-coding with explanations line by line.

Let's get started.

What Will I Get ?

  • Creating a full android music player
  • MediaPlayer API usage
  • Kotlin Programming Language full app development
  • Model View ViewModel
  • Creating a clean and functional AudioPlayer UI
  • Clean code


  • Be able to create a hello world app in android studio

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