Breaking News: Major relief to Passport Applicants as Passport procedure became faster and easier.

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The major changes in the process of passports announced by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) have come up as a great relief to the citizens who are applying for a new passport. The committee came up with a new set of rules from June 2018.

Let us look at the list of proposed passport changes.

  • The last page of the Passport will not have residential information − The last page of the passport which has the details of the residential information of a person will no longer be printed. However, the information will be collected and remains in the government database. It can be retrieved by scanning the barcode on the passport.

  • Colour of the passport might change − Indian passport comes in three colors. Red for diplomats, white for the government officials and Blue for the citizens(ECNR and ECR both). There is a proposal to change the color of passport of ECR category to Orange.

  • Name of the parents will not be printed − There is a possibility to stop the printing of parents names on the last page of the passport.

  • Physical Police verification may be replaced with online verification − The traditional police verification which used to take 2-3 weeks previously will be replaced by online verification. This will significantly reduce the processing time for the passports. Even Ordinary passports will go for post police verification. Previously this was done only for Tatkal passport applicants.

Published on 24-Dec-2018 10:32:46