Boojho was riding in his bicycle along a straight road. He classified the motion of various parts of the bicycle as
$(i)$. rectilinear motion,
$(ii)$. circular motion and
$(iii)$. both rectilinear as well as circular motion. Can you list one part of the bicycle for each type of motion? Support your answer with reason.

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 6

$(i)$. Rectilinear motion: The handlebar and seat of the bicycle have rectilinear motion only. As the wheels of the bicycle move forward, the handlebar and seat of the bicycle move in rectilinear motion.

$(ii)$. Circular motion: The other part of the bicycle is the pedal which has circular motion only. The pedal rotates with its shaft but does not move from its place.

$(iii)$. Rectilinear and circular motion: The wheel of the bicycle has both circular and rectilinear motion. Wheels rotate on their shafts in a circular motion as well as move forward in a rectilinear motion.

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