Big Boss Tamil 2: Kamal Hassan opens the show on a high note

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The Big Boss season 2 of Tamil version has taken off on a high note. When we compare it to the previous season of Bigg Boss Tamil, it seems that this time Kamal Haasan has found his rhythm as a host.

In the first season, Kamal has failed to impress even after he tried many ways to entertain the audience with self-indulgent jokes and pale introductory speeches about the contestants.

Contrary to the first season, the season has actually taken off very well. This time Kamal is striking the right notes and looks like fully equipped with what to do and what not. He has shown his brilliance in the launch event itself with confidence, clarity, and sarcasm at the same time.

Kamal Hassan says he takes the opportunity to talk to so many people through this show. When he was asked “Why can’t you use cinema to communicate with people?”, he replied that in the movies people see him as the roles he is playing. Here through this Big boss platform, people will see his real character. He says he uses this opportunity to discuss a lot of things pertaining to public interest.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24