Better Business Writing Skills

Learn to write internal and external correspondence


   Personal Development, Creativity, Writing

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2020



Good communication  leads to good business and  enrich relationships among educators.This course is useful for people in corporates,business professionals and students from language and management discipline. Use of english language is vast /widespread in business and commerce. Market place is the arena where our skills are tested ,before entering into this place,one must spend time in equipping  basic skills of language and communication and be efficient by learning necessary  skills.one should have right environment afforded by professional life and then analyse ,give better performance and hone the skills.Possessing good writing skills will be a great asset in world of business.One can learn to write employment document,craft their skills and prepare a polished copy.

students will learn how to write,business letters, reports, building CV,cover letter,Notices,agenda,memo etc

Planning ,crafting the employment document and polishing the draft  and preparing a final one will also be learnt

One should  be able to read ,write,speak english language and  an eye for good grammar.

My target  audience are  content writers and students who are in to language and management discipline.

What Will I Get ?

  • Brevity and subtlety can be observed in a piece of writing
  • It makes you stand a head of your competitors,when made an attempt to prepare a document for your organisation


  • One should be able to read ,write,speak english language and an eye for good grammar.
  • A PC with internet connection and basic knowledge of accessing lectuers
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