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Better Ad Ideas

Created by Rob Aspinall, Last Updated 24-Nov-2020, Language:English

Better Ad Ideas

Develop the Visual & Verbal Thinking Skills of a Top Advertising Creative

Created by Rob Aspinall, Last Updated 24-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Improve your creative thinking skills to produce better advertising ideas.


  • Basic understanding of what an advertising concept or campaign is.


 What separates the most in-demand ad creatives from those struggling for ideas, clients...and work?

Most of the time it’s their thinking.

Not just their ability to come up with great concepts. But to bring them to life in the best way.

A lot of this comes down to their command of words and visuals.

The top creatives are not only talented in one area, but adept at thinking in the other area, too.

This means that whether they’re a writer or art director by trade, they’ve learned to think both visually and verbally, all to create more ideas of a better standard.

The truth is that all-round conceptual skills are like gold to clients and agencies.

Not to mention the hallmark of any top ad creative - those lucky people who get the best jobs, opportunities, clients, awards and rates of pay.

So whether your main skill is in writing or design, the ability to think both visually and verbally is the key to standing out creative, sparking more demand for your services and bringing your concepts to life in the most powerful, imaginative way.

What you'll learn:

If you’re new to producing concepts, this course will help you fast-track your development, so you can develop the all-round thinking skills of a top creative.

It will sharpen the area you’re best in, and strengthen the area that’s not your primary skill.

And if you’re a designer, copywriter or art director whose used to coming up with concepts, the course will help you take your creative thinking to an even higher level.

The course features a mix of slides, video, scamps and examples. Plus, there’ll be two fun projects for you to try and share.

So, if you’d like to make lighter and better work of the conceptual process, you can either spend months searching for the right information, years learning as you go...

Or, you can develop the skills you need in under an hour and apply the principles directly to your next creative job.

Sound fair? Then enrol in the class now and let's get started.

Course Content

Rob Aspinall

I help advertising creatives produce better ideas, faster

Hi, I'm Rob Aspinall.

I'm a copywriter and a teacher of creative advertising ideas.

Having spent 16+ years specializing in creative ad concepts, I'm here to help you to get the most out of your natural creative genius.

Because let's face it - there are loads of courses on everything to do with advertising - except what matters most...

The ideas.

If you're an advertising creative, good ideas are your most valuable asset.

And just as important if you're not creative - but still have a business or brand to promote.

Many times, they're often seen as 'hard' or 'scary'.

But they don't need to be.

With the right kind of creative knowledge, they can be original, effective, and easier than most people think.

I look forward to showing you how.