Best-Paying Copywriting Gigs: White Paper Writing

How to write one of the top-paying projects in content marketing (white papers).

  Alan Sharpe

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   Published on 11/2020



If you want to earn a decent living as a freelance copywriter, you should take on assignments that pay the highest fees. One of those assignments is marketing white papers.

To see how much money you can make writing white papers, just visit the website of Gordon Graham, The White Paper Guy. Gordon writes white papers for a living. He even wrote a best-selling book on how to write white papers. Gordon says you should expect to earn around $6,000 for writing a white paper.

Do the math, and you’ll discover that if you write one white paper a month at $6,000 a pop, you’ll earn $72,000 a year. Not shabby.

Hi, I’m Alan Sharpe, and welcome to my course on how to write effective marketing white papers. In this course I teach you:

  • how to pick a white paper topic that resonates with your target audience

  • how to research your white paper so that you appear authoritative

  • how to outline your white paper so that your document has a logical flow and keeps the attention of your reader

  • how to give your white paper a strong title, so that prospective customers want to read it

  • I show you how to write each section of the white paper, including the introduction, problem statement, background section, solution section, conclusion and call to action

  • I give you tips on how to write like a designer, and I describe five mistakes to avoid

I’m your instructor, Alan Sharpe. I teach copywriters around the world how to write compelling copy. I landed my first paying copywriting assignment in 1991, and I taught my first business writing workshop in 1989. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals advance their careers by improving their copywriting.

The ideal student for this course is anyone who has to write marketing white papers to generate leads. If you need to research, outline and write white papers that establish authority, build trust and generate leads, then this course is for you.

This course is practical. You and I will examine more than a dozen marketing white papers to discover what works, what doesn’t—and why. You’ll learn tips, tricks and best practices from professional white-paper copywriters.

I pass on to you all that I’ve learned about writing effective white papers during the last three decades as a copywriter. I show you the most common mistakes that copywriters make in their writing today—and then I show you how to avoid these blunders in your white papers.

Learn more about the course by reviewing the course description and frequently asked questions below. Watch the free preview lessons. read the reviews from my satisfied students. Then enroll now.

What Will I Get ?

  • Why white papers are the highest-paying copywriting gig
  • How white papers are different from every other kind of copywriting
  • How to choose a compelling white paper topic
  • How to research your white paper
  • How to give your white paper a compelling title
  • How to outline your white paper
  • How to write a compelling introduction
  • Problem statements and how to write them
  • How to write a conclusion
  • How to write your call to action


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