Beera, a farmer would clear his field every day, and burn dry leaves fallen on the ground. After some time, he found that those living in huts near his field were suffering from coughs and breathing problems.
(i) Can you explain why?
(ii) Also suggest an environment-friendly way to dispose of the dry leaves.

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(i) Burning of dry leaves produces harmful fumes and gases which cause cough, breathing problems etc. People living in huts near Beera’s field suffered from these problems as they inhaled the harmful fumes and gases released by the burning of dry leaves.

(ii) Dry leaves can be put in a pit for composting. Composting is a method of preparing manure. It is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of dry leaves. The manure produced from the dry leaves can be used by farmers in the agriculture field for the enrichment of the soil.

Compost is usually developed near the landfill. For preparing compost, waste materials like fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, used tea leaves, waste food, dry leaves, newspapers, etc. should be dumped in a pit. The pit is covered with soil. After 20–25 days, observe the garbage. If the garbage has turned black in colour and no foul smell is emitted, it means the rotting of garbage is complete and compost is ready to use.
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