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Becoming an Expert Lucid Dreamer

Created by Fernando Albert, Last Updated 16-Jan-2021, Language:English

Becoming an Expert Lucid Dreamer

Learn many techniques such as WILD, MILD, DEILD as well as a personalized technique to reach the highest success.

Created by Fernando Albert, Last Updated 16-Jan-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Induce Lucid Dreams at will.
  • Increase Dream Recall.
  • Enjoy very vivid dreams.
  • Be skilled at Dream Control.
  • Create an impressive dream journal.


  • A big desire to lucid dream!


Learn how to Lucid Dream using popular techniques but with a personal touch. Not all methods work the same for everybody, and this course will ensure that you can lucid dream if you follow the teachings. This course is upbeat and dynamic! The course will challenge your learnings by quizzes and especially by home (dreamwork), so you can track your progress and success.

** Now included in this course: Lucid Dreaming Induction tool! **

I taught dozens of students outside here, and I am passing these teachings here at a very affordable price. Everybody interested in Lucid Dreaming will take great advantage of this course. You can't find anywhere some of the techniques that I teach here!

Personalized Mentorship is a crucial part of this course! You will be lucid dreaming and/or increase your skills within weeks!

Course Content

Fernando Albert

About Fernando.

Fernando loves to teach and to be of service to others. He has a strong background in spirituality and assisting others at a metaphysical level. Here, Fernando will be teaching plenty of different courses. Courses such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, channeling, tarot, and more. So, make sure you keep posted.

Fernando's bedtime is a portal for adventures, insight, and growth. He is a natural Lucid Dreamer and Astral Projectionist. Over the years, he has developed personal techniques to achieve the lucid dreaming state (knowing you are dreaming while you are dreaming.) As well as Astral Projection (Out of Body experiences.)