Become An FX Artist Using Houdini

person icon Shahzad Ahmad

Become An FX Artist Using Houdini

Learn How To Create High-End Visual Effects Using Houdini

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Shahzad Ahmad

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Course Description

We will start from the basics and once we got the fundamentals coverd we will be moving on to create some fun and practical projects. We will start from the houdini SOPs land and once we got the confident working with SOPs then we will jump into DOPs houdini dynamic operators land understand the basics of houdini dynamics and create more complex FX projects.

This is a comprehensive Course teaching you how to create stunning VFX Shots using Houdini

Here some of the techniques you will Learn:

  • Introduction to Houdini 18.5

  • Workflow And Tools.

  • Powerful techniques for grouping geometry

  • Implementation of Circumference for accurate wheel rotation

  • The new Chain SOP in Houdini 18.5

  • Procedurally Generating Tank Treads

  • The New Scatter and Align SOP in Houdini 18.5

  • Creating Smoke Simulation Network

  • Using Microsolvers

  • The New Pyro Burst Source SOP in Houdini 18.5

  • The New Pyropyro bake volume SOP in Houdini 18.5

  • The New Pyro Sop Solver in Houdini 18.5

  • Setting up ACES in Houdini 

  • Using Smoke Simulation to Advect Particles

  • Rendering Millions of Particles

  • Particles Disintegration Simulation

  • Use Pop Grains for Sand and Snow Simulations

  • Setting up Attractionweight Attribute to creat Wet Sand

  • We'll cover voronoi and boolean fracturing,RBD Material Fracture

  • Working with Packed Primitives

  • Setting up Constraints

  • Understanding Soft Constraints

  • Setting up Vellum Solver From Scracth

  • Tearing Cloth

  • Using curves to define Tearing

  • Vellum Soft Body

  • Using Tetrahedron to create Soft Body Simulation

  • Using Vellum to create Chains and Rop Simulation

  • Working With Flip Solver

  • Understanding Viscosity and Creative ways of using Viscosity

  • Using Flip Simulation to melt objects

  • Efficient ways of Writing Flip Caches to disk

  • Generating Mesh From Flip Simulation Particles

  • Setting up Materials, Lighting, and Rendering Flip Simulation


What will you learn in this course:

  • Houdini Particles
  • Grains and Vellum Grains
  • Houdini Rigid Body Dynamics Bullet solver
  • Houdini Pyro and smoke Solver
  • More Advanced Houdini techniques
  • Houdini Vellum solver for creating softbody dynamics
  • Houdini Flip solver for creating water FX
  • Creating stunning VFX Shots
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Houdini
  • You will learn what is required to create VFX Projects
  • You will become confident in using Houdini
  • You will learn Houdini through practical and fun projects


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No Prior Knowledge of Houdini is Required
Become An FX Artist Using Houdini


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Getting Started
9 Lectures
  • play icon Course Trailer 01:19 01:19
  • play icon Course Overview 05:09 05:09
  • play icon Getting familiar with Houdini user interface 15:08 15:08
  • play icon Attributes 09:31 09:31
  • play icon Transferring Attributes 10:10 10:10
  • play icon Attributes from Pieces 14:28 14:28
  • play icon Understanding Groups 18:46 18:46
  • play icon Match Size 05:40 05:40
  • play icon Scatter and Align 13:06 13:06
4 Lectures
Project 1: Tank Treads
11 Lectures
Smoke And Pyro
11 Lectures
12 Lectures
11 Lectures
RBD Destruction
9 Lectures
Destruction Project
7 Lectures
11 Lectures
FLIP Fluids
9 Lectures

Instructor Details

Shahzad Ahmad

Shahzad Ahmad

Houdini FX Artist

About Me

Hello, my name is Shahzad Ahmad. I am a Houdini FX Artist. I am passionate about creating the Visual Effects (explosions, smokes, fire, clouds, dust, particles, magic, etc.), as well as all kinds of destruction and fluids. I am a self-taught Artist. And i love watching science documentaries and Sci-Fi movies!

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