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   Published on 11/2021



A warm welcome to the Data Visualization & Analytics with Tableau course by Uplatz.

Tableau is a modern-age data analytics and visualization tool used widely in the industry today. Many businesses even consider it indispensable for data analytics and data science related work.

Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data into the very easily understandable format. Data analysis is very fast with Tableau and the visualizations created are in the form of dashboards and worksheets. The data that is created using Tableau can be understood by professional at any level in an organization. It even allows a non-technical user to create a customized dashboard.

Tableau is not difficult to master and its ease of use comes from the fact that it has a drag and drop interface. This feature helps to perform tasks like sorting, comparing and analyzing, very easily and fast. Tableau is also compatible with multiple sources, including Excel, SQL Server, and cloud-based data repositories which makes it an excellent choice for Data Scientists. Tableau is designed to let you interact with your data in a logical and natural way that’s easy to learn.

Tableau product suite includes the following tools:

  • Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Public

  • Tableau Online

  • Tableau Server

  • Tableau Reader

In essence, data analytics in tableau can be classified into two main categories:

  1. Developer Tools: The Tableau tools that are used for development such as the creation of dashboards, charts, report generation, visualization fall into this category. The Tableau products, under this category, are the Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Public.

  2. Sharing Tools: As the name suggests, the purpose of the tool is sharing the visualizations, reports, dashboards that were created using the developer tools. Products that fall into this category are Tableau Online, Server, and Reader.

With Tableau Desktop, you can connect to a variety of data sources and start visualizing data. It specializes in transforming boring tabulated data into eye-candy graphs and representations. With tableau desktop, you can enjoy real-time data analytics by directly connecting to data from your data warehouse.

Tableau Desktop has a rich feature set and allows you to code and customize reports. Right from creating the charts, reports, to blending them all together to form a dashboard, all the necessary work is created in Tableau Desktop. For live data analysis, Tableau Desktop provides connectivity to Data Warehouse, as well as other various types of files. The workbooks and the dashboards created here can be either shared locally or publicly.

Based on the connectivity to the data sources and publishing option, Tableau Desktop is classified into:

  • Tableau Desktop Personal: The development features are similar to Tableau Desktop. Personal version keeps the workbook private, and the access is limited. The workbooks cannot be published online. Therefore, it should be distributed either Offline or in Tableau Public.

  • Tableau Desktop Professional: It is pretty much similar to Tableau Desktop. The difference is that the work created in the Tableau Desktop can be published online or in Tableau Server. Also, in Professional version, there is full access to all sorts of the datatype. It is best suitable for those who wish to publish their work in Tableau Server.

Uplatz provides this Tableau Desktop training course covering the main elements of Tableau Desktop software. In this Tableau training course, you will learn to develop visualizations from data models that use real-time data, build and publish interactive dashboards with Tableau, and gain exposure to a broad range of data sources, including big data frameworks. You will learn how to utilize self-service BI platforms to work with data analytics and gain access to critical business information.

This Tableau course is for anyone who works with data irrespective of your technical or analytical background. This course is designed to help you understand and use the important concepts and techniques in Tableau to move from simple to complex visualizations and learn how to combine them in interactive dashboards. Users can create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards, that depict large volumes of data into easily readable graphs and charts.

This Tableau training course is also designed to help you prepare for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification exam by providing you rich hands-on training on various Tableau tools. Uplatz's Tableau Certification Training is a stepping-stone to your BI & Analytics journey. The participants will gain Tableau Desktop knowledge necessary for successful Tableau workbook design, implementation, and adoption.

Create visualizations and acquire the valuable skill of story telling by analyzing your data. This training will make you a highly proficient Tableau Analyst.

Course Objectives

  • Create interactive visualizations to deliver business insights

  • Extract business intelligence by adding value to your data

  • Integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources

  • Generate Tableau maps for geographical data

  • Share a story using dashboards to highlight your discoveries

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what is Tableau

  • Understand what is Tableau Desktop and how it works

  • Connect to your data

  • Edit and save a data source

  • Understand Tableau terminology

  • Use the Tableau interface / paradigm to effectively create powerful visualizations

  • Create basic calculations including basic arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations and ratios, date math, and quick table calculations

  • Represent your data using the following visualization types:

  • Cross tabs

  • Geographic maps

  • Heat maps

  • Tree maps

  • Pie charts and bar charts

  • Dual axis and combined charts with different mark types

  • Highlight Tables

  • Scatter Plots

  • Build dashboards to share visualizations

Tableau - Course Syllabus

  • Introduction

  • Tableau Desktop Basics

  • Tableau Desktop Installation Process

  • Tableau Desktop Workspace Navigation

  • Tableau Design Flow

  • Connecting to data

  • Connections to Multiple Data Sources

  • Hands on Tableau Data connection

  • Simplifying and sorting your data

  • Organizing your data

  • Filters

  • Hands on - Tableau Filters

  • Slicing your data by date

  • Using multiple measures in a view

  • Showing the relationship between numerical values

  • Mapping data geographically

  • Viewing specific values

  • Customizing your data

  • Tableau Operators

  • Bins, Groups, Sets, Parameters, Hierarchy

  • Hands on - Tableau Sets, Groups, etc.

  • Analyzing data with quick table calculations

  • Showing breakdowns of the whole

  • Highlighting data with reference lines

  • Making your views available

  • Basic Tableau Charts

  • Hands on - Basic Tableau Charts

  • Tableau Advanced Topics

  • Tableau Extensions

  • Tableau Dashboards

  • Tableau Story

  • Tableau LODs

  • Tableau Actions

Who this course is for:

  • Data Analysts - Tableau, SQL
  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • Tableau and SQL Developers
  • Anyone aspiring for a career in Business Intelligence, Visualization and Analytics
  • Beginners having interest in BI & Reporting
  • Tableau Developers Financial Services
  • Tableau BI Analysts & SMEs
  • Reporting Analysts & Developers
  • Business Consultants & Analysts
  • Data Visualization & Insights Analyst - Tableau
  • Analytics Managers
  • Product Managers & Project Managers
  • Lead Tableau Developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Program Managers

What Will I Get ?

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the top visualization/BI tool Tableau

  • Prepare for Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

  • Tableau Overview and Tableau Desktop Basics

  • Tableau Desktop Basics

  • Tableau Desktop Installation Process

  • Tableau Desktop Workspace Navigation

  • Tableau Design Flow

  • Connections to Multiple Data Sources

  • Tableau Data Connection hands-on

  • Filters and Tableau Filters hands-on

  • Tableau Operators

  • Bins, Groups, Sets, Parameters, Hierarchy

  • Tableau Sets & Groups etc. hands-on

  • Basic Tableau Charts

  • Basic Tableau Charts hands-on

  • Tableau Advanced Topics


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!

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