Become a Cloud Engineer

Become a Cloud Engineer

  Stone River ELearning

   IT & Software, Network & Security, Cloud Computing

  Language - English

   Published on 03/2022



In this course we cover why cloud engineering may be a great career for you. The course has been designed to provide a solid introduction into why you should become a cloud engineer as well as how to get stated.

Most “entry-level” cloud computing jobs ask for years of prior experience, making it difficult to break into the field. However, with the right training and coaching becoming a cloud engineer is more than feasible.

The following topics will be covered in the course.

  • What is a Cloud Engineer?
  • Why become a Cloud Engineer?
  • What a Cloud Engineer does day to day
  • What are the top skills needed
  • Career path options
  • Salary Expectations
  • Training Options
  • Coaching Options
  • Interview Techniques
  • Practice Interview Questions
  • Cloud Demos
  • Roadmap to Continue
  • Additional Resources
  • Course Closeout

The course is for anyone looking to break into the cloud computing field.

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