Beautiful hand crafted articles like boxes and toys are made of paper pulp in our country. Can you explain how paper pulp which is made from paper can be used to make hard boxes and other articles?

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Beautifully handcrafted articles like boxes and toys are made of paper pulp in our country.


Steps on how it can be made is given below:
  • Collect old newspapers, magazines, used notebooks, envelopes and torn-out used papers.
  • Make small pieces of paper of these items and put them in a bucket or any other container submerged in water for one or two days.
  • Make thick paste of wet paper by pounding it. Spread the waste paste on the wire mesh fixed to the frame. You can use a large-sized sieve in place of a frame.
  • Pat the layer of paste gently to make the layer of the paste as uniform as possible. You may spread an old cloth or a sheet of newspaper on the paste to soak up the extra water.
  • Remove the layer of paste from the frame and spread it on a sheet of newspaper in the sun.
  • The paper pulp obtained from paper is mixed with glue and saw-dust. Glue and saw-dust make the paper hard.
  • For making hard boxes, toys, etc. few coats of this hard pulp is applied over the framework.
  • It is then allowed to dried up.
  • Once the pulp is dried up, hard boxes and toys can further be processed.
  • These are then made in various sizes and designs and patterns.
  • Different colours and dyes are also added to these to make them more attractive.
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