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Bash Commands and Scripting - From Beginner to Expert
From the most basic of how to use a terminal, to advanced Bash scripting techniques!

    • Introduction
      2 Lectures
    • First Steps In The Terminal
      6 Lectures
    • Intermediate Bash
      5 Lectures
    • More Advanced Bash and Scripting
      8 Lectures
    • Outro
      1 Lectures
  • Description

    The course repository is on GitHub:


    As always, each lesson corresponds to what was done in that lesson! See the README there for more.

    This course is about Bash commands and scripting. Knowing basic Bash commands and some Bash scripting techniques are essential skills for developers of any type to learn - and can help with so many day-to-day tasks. In this course, we'll start at the most basic level, opening up a terminal application, examining exactly what parts of a terminal there are, and how to interacting with it using only your keyboard. From there, we'll start learning more and more commands, and we'll see and use ever-more complex bash scripting techniques.

    This course is great for beginners: I believe If you practice enough with each lesson along the way, YOU can become a bash scripting expert! This course is also suitable for intermediate or long-time users of bash: you might find it a refreshing review, and maybe you'll even learn something new, or perhaps re-learn something you've forgotten!

    I had a lot of nostalgia recording this course, thinking back many times to when I first learned bash scripting in a course during my master's program years ago. My goal with this course was to make the lessons even more efficient and succinct than those in that university course, and especially to add additional lessons based on what I have learned and used the most in bash over the years as a full stack software engineer.

    I already had a few people reach out to me asking about the bash commands and scripting techniques I use in some of my other courses. That prompted me to make this course - from what I've heard, there's just not enough resources out there that cover all aspects of bash and bash scripting. This course is my solution to that! I hope you'll join me in this course, titled, "Bash Commands and Scripting - From Beginner to Expert"!

    In the first lesson, I'll provide a small background presentation on the nomenclature: various shells that exist, UNIX and UNIX-like systems, and where Bash comes in. In the second lesson, we'll open we're going to start with the absolute basics, of how to open up a shell, and how to interact with it on the most basic level, just using the keyboard and how to write a basic command. Through each subsequent lesson then move on into ever more complex examples, learning how to create what are known as aliases in bash, then onto functions, logical operators, loops, and more!

    What Will I Get ?

    • A wide variety of Bash commands
    • Bash scripting techniques - from basic to advanced levels
    • A basic overview of UNIX and UNIX-like systems


    • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies
    • A computer installed with a UNIX or UNIX-like operating system (not including Windows) - or a access to a server, most of the course is done directly in the terminal
    • Internect connection
Bash Commands and Scripting - From Beginner to Expert
This Course Includes :

2.5 hours

22 Lectures

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