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AWS Sagemaker - Hands on Training

Created by Akshay Deep Lamba, Last Updated 22-Jun-2020, Language:English

AWS Sagemaker - Hands on Training

Master AWS Sagemaker by Building Real World Projects

Created by Akshay Deep Lamba, Last Updated 22-Jun-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn about Different Built-in Algorithm like XgBoost ,Deep AR , Linear Learner , Factorization Machines on SageMaker
  • Learn To Deploy custom Machine Learnng Algorithms on SageMaker
  • Learn to implement Real world Machine Learning Problem on SageMaker
  • Learn to do Hyper Parameter Tuning on SageMaker
  • Learn to Deploy Sagemaker Models using Lambda and API Gateway


  • Basic of Machine Learning
  • AWS Account


Master AWS Sagemaker by Building Real World Projects

A well groomed knowledge of the complete AWS Machine Learning ecosystem is required and SageMaker is one of the Most Important component of it.

This course includes real World Projects which enables you to learn and Solidify your concept on Sagemaker. 

In this Course, you will learn:-

  • General Overview of SageMaker

  • Breast Cancer Classification Using XgBoost

  • Predicting House Price using Linear Regression

  • Using KNN for MNIST SIGN Language

  • Object Detection

  • Dimension Reductionality using PCA

  • Recommender System using Factorization Machine

  • DeepAR for Time Series Forecasting

  • Blazing Text for Word2Vec

  • Hosting Custom Model on Credit Card Fraud Detection on Sagemaker

  • Other Built-in Algorithms

  • Hyper Parameter Tuning

  • AWS Lambda Basics

  • Integration and Deployment Options 

 We know that you're here because you value your time and Money.By getting this course, you can be assured that the course will explain everything in detail and if there are any doubts in the course, we will answer your doubts in less than 12 hours.

All the project Files are available for you.

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