AutoCAD Programming using VB.NET - Hands On!

This course is your ultimate guide to learning VB.NET Programming in AutoCAD

  Arnold Higuit

   Design, Architectural Design, AutoCAD

Language - English Published on 03/2021


This is an intensive course about VB.NET Programming in AutoCAD. There are lots of coding that will walk you through from creating a Project using Visual Studio 2019 to running your finished Plugin in AutoCAD.

You will learn how to use VB.NET very quickly by following all the videos or by coding along with every single method being developed.

By the end of the Course, you will have the confidence to create your own AutoCAD Plugin using VB.NET.

A simple and step-by-step way style of teaching in this course will be very helpful to absorb every concept of VB.NET Programming in AutoCAD.

What Will I Get ?

  • Students will learn VB.NET Programming in AutoCAD
  • Students will have a solid understanding on how to create AutoCAD Plugin/Command
  • You will learn how to draw different AutoCAD entities through code
  • You will learn how to use most of the AutoCAD editing commands and manipulate AutoCAD objects
  • You will learn how to access AutoCAD non-graphical objects (e.g. Layers, LineTypes and TextStyles)
  • You will learn how to apply and use different Selection Sets and Filters in your code to select objects with different filter criteria
  • Students will be able to create their own Plugin by the end of the course


  • AutoCAD knowledge is required.
  • VB.NET programming knowledge would be helpful but not mandatory.

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