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Vibha Soni


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IoT for Beginners


Vibha Soni is a freelancer and on the way to getting the title of an entrepreneur. By degree, she is a software engineer, and her current profession is that of a freelance writer. She has used her technical skills and background to get the title of "Published Author" of the world-famous book, The Growth Hacking Book 2 and another academic book, Computer Reboot. Vibha started her career as an Assistant Professor in a college. After a few years, she started her freelancing journey and worked with multiple companies and individuals. She worked alone over the last few years and acquired 360-degree knowledge in academic writing, freelancing and book writing. In the last one and half years, she has started collaborating to move one step closer to achieving her goals. She is an avid reader and likes fictional and non-fictional books. She likes to collaborate and network with energetic and positive people. She has been following three principles - transparency, commitment and open communication for building collaboration. These simple principles have been assisting her in achieving her goals one by one

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