Mehdi Ghayoumi, Ph.d.


Dr. Mehdi Ghayoumi is a course facilitator at Cornell University and adjunct faculty of Computer Science at the University of San Diego. Prior to this, he was a research assistant professor at SUNY at Binghamton, where he was the Media Core Lab’s dynamic leader. He was also a lecturer at Kent State University, where he received the Teaching Award for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. In addition, he has been teaching machine learning, data science, robotic and programming courses for several years. Dr. Ghayoumi research interests are in Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Robotics, and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). His research focuses are on building real systems for realistic environment settings, and his current projects have applications in Human-Robot Interaction, manufacturing, biometric, and healthcare. He is a technical program committee member of several conferences, workshops, and editorial board member of several journals in machine learning, mathematics, and robotics, like ICML, ICPR, HRI, FG, WACV, IROS, CIBCB, and JAI. In addition, his research papers have been published at conferences and journals in the fields, including Human-Computer Interaction (HRI), Robotics Science and Systems (RSS), International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), and others.