ASP.NET CORE and C# REST API With Real World Projects

Learn How To Build Real World, Production Ready REST APIs Using Asp.Net Core and C#

  Ebenezer Ogbu

   Development, Web Development, .Net Framework

Language - English Published on 08/2020


This is a no holds barred, action packed course, titled ASP.NET CORE 3.1 and C# REST API with Real World Projects. The course takes you through the complete process of building a production ready REST API using the latest version ASP.NET CORE. To demonstrate My Confidence About This Course, I have created a CV that contains all the Concepts that I covered, and the Projects I have executed in this course. You can Take This Course and Start Looking for Job Immediately using the CV I have prepared.

Your prospective employer wants you to come onboard and start building applications for them straight away. That is what I did in this course. To provide the knowledge that will allow you go straight into the industry and start working immediately. With over 120 Lectures, I did not leave any stone unturned!!

Basically, the whole course can be grouped into Two Main Themes:

Introduction to Web API

Where I introduced how Web APIs work and how Asp.Net Core implements Web APIs

The Real World Projects

Where I built Two SOLID Real-World REST API Projects. The type of Projects that you will be working on when you get into the industry.

What Will I Get ?

  • How Web APIs work generally
  • How to implement REST API in AspNet Core
  • How to implement all the functionalities of a complete ecommerce Web API which include: Product catalogue, Shopping Cart, Order and Checkout, Customer Management
  • Practical application of architectural patterns such as request-response pattern, repository pattern, and dependency inversion
  • API Security- Authentication and Authorization using JWT
  • Deployment to Azure - Microsoft's Cloud Platform
  • How to analyse a customer’s problem and generate the software requirements for the project
  • How to structure a large-scale project
  • How to integrate Entity Framework into a DotNet Core project
  • How to implement filtering and paging functionality
  • How to effectively make use of Visual Studio IDE
  • How to Set Up a CI-CD Pipeline On Azure DevOps
  • How to Set Up Cloud Services on Azure


  • Visual Studio Development Environment
  • .Net Core SDK
  • A computer with internet connection

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