Worldwide, Microsoft IE11 Introduced on Windows 7

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is a default Web browser of Windows 8.1, but now it is also available for Windows 7 Subscribers.

It comes in 95 languages for downloading to provide you best, safe, and most standards-compliant web browser at Microsoft widely used operating system. With this final release, Internet Explorer 11 has come up with improved performance, security, privacy, and reliability for Windows 7 customers as like Windows 8.1.

The window 7 browser is little bit different from Windows 8.1. Browser of Windows 8.1 supports DRM-in-HTML standard Encrypted Media Extensions, and the Windows 8.1 has more restricted security sandbox.

Some Interesting Features:

Microsoft introduced some security features with Internet Explorer 11

With this release, Microsoft is also highlighting some security features of IE11. Result by NSS Labs; IE blocks 99%, Chrome blocks 70%, Firefox and safari blocks 4% of socially engineered malware. The numbers for phishing attacks are similar; IE blocks 92 percent, Chrome 71 percent, and Safari and Firefox around 35 percent. These numbers can be taken with a grain of salt.

Faster than Previous Version of IE

IE 11 is continuously delivering best performance to real world Websites on your Windows device. IE11 on Windows 7 increases the performance across the board with faster page loading, faster JavaScript performance and faster interactivity, although reducing CPU usage and increasing battery life on mobile PCs. You can experience demo of the performance on the IE Test Drive site to get examples of hardware accelerated rendering, touch, real world site patterns, and interactivity.

A new test drive demo; EtchMark is an interesting HTML5 retro-drawing practice that allows you to measure the performance of your browser.

Advance JavaScript Performance

IE11 advances JavaScript performance ensures compatibility, interoperability, and security, that’s why, Microsoft ensures that Internet Explorer 11 is 30% faster than other browsers on Windows 7 and it is 9 percent faster than IE 10. To display the performance of IE, Microsoft launched Popcorn, a new graphical benchmark.

A new Popcorn test drive demo shows you the real enhancement, which uses getters/setters to enforce types and mutate properties. Now, with the development of IE11, getters/setters are fast enough for any type of use cases.

Quick development with new and enhanced modern Web standards

To support developers, IE11 brings enlarge support for modern Web standards given by hardware acceleration to facilitate a new class of forceful applications and fast and flowing Web browsing. IE11 includes support for over 25 new or improved modern Web standards beyond IE10. This facilitates developers to build next-generation experiences with professional-quality. Web video and hyper-fast 2D & 3D Web technologies make most of the underlying hardware. IE11 maintains real world standards and compatibility, and new developer tools facilitate developers to build high-performance Web experiences on Windows devices. Some Web standards are given below to present you that why and how Web is better for developers of IE11,

Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics: By taking support of GPU acceleration, WebGL runs on all devices. This unsafe WebGL content is scanned by IE 11. IE 11 applies a software-based renderer to balance the GPU. In Windows, WebGL runs continuously because graphics subsystem does not get fail always. Using IE11, your 3D skills can access device orientation to produce new communication chances for immersive Web content.

Increased video-quality on the Web: HTML5 video has come up without plug-in with IE 11. IE11 supports the latest c captioning and streaming which adjusts the existing network bandwidth, and rights management, so that, all of yours video contents can be as good as the professional.

Debug has become faster due to new F12 developer tools: IE11 supports latest frameworks that are given by Web developers. Modern.IE works cross-browser testing, no matter where you choose to develop. Brand new F12 tools in IE enable iterative, visual debugging and tuning of Web sites.

Faster, user-friendly, safe and more standards-compliant than all earlier IE version. More trim Interface as compare to previous version. Has come up with outstanding security & privacy features, best graphics hardware, helpful new-tab pages, download manager with download status protection, and WebGL support. Site joining for regularly used Web applications. SPDY simply on Windows 8.1. Just installs on Windows 7 and 8.1. No syncing and WebRTC maintain

Internet Explorer 11 is fast, lean, safe and standards-compliant, but the major drawbacks is that it does not run on OS versions earlier than Windows 7 and does not present syncing for that OS.

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