Windows Phone 8 – Does it rival the iOS and Android

The Windows 8 officially confirmed by Microsoft is the second generation of the Windows Phone and it was released on 14th September 2012 and made available on 29th October 2012. Four companies namely Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei launched devices based on this system (System on Chips). The older Windows Phone such as Windows Phone 7.x cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.


iOS and Android

Does Windows Phone 8 stand a chance against iOS and Android?

There has been debate going on whether Windows Phone 8 (WP8) can compete with the two smart phone lead racers namely Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. While some say that the smart phone OS may be one of Microsoft’s best inventions others disagree and state WP8 does not even stand a chance in front of iOS and Android. Before we jump to any conclusions let’s look at a few differences and similarities between the three.

Smart phone Ecosystem:

This is where devices such as tablets, desktops, smart phones, laptops etc share data with each other and run on a common platform.

Up till now both hardware and software of Apple is part of its ecosystem which makes it the best ecosystem available so far. It is fairly easy for an Apple user to access pictures taken on his iPhone from his iPad, Macbook or iMac and he can also very easily share his browsing tabs using iCloud Tabs.  

The Android ecosystem mostly revolves around your Google account. All of the users passwords, media, contacts, settings and everything else you can think of is backed up on the user’s Google Drive.

This way Windows should have much problem setting up its ecosystem since majority of desktops, laptops etc run on Windows. So if a person has a Windows desktop, tablet or laptop it would make sense to also have a Windows Phone because that way you can easily access your documents on MS Office and from your Windows Phone 8 and also share your pictures and videos with the help of SkyDrive.


Microsoft claims that WP8 will be the world’s most personalized phone to date due to the use of Live Tiles on Metro. These are one of the best widgets the world has ever seen. Along with this, people-specific tiles will let the user choose the people he wants to gets updates about. 
However, there aren’t many customization options to go along with these tiles and the most you could do is move them around and change colors. Most Android and Apple users are used to of multiple screens and more customization options.


Windows Phone 8 Vs iOS Vs Android

App Support:

Compared to Android and Apple, Windows Phone Store has less apps. While Android and Apple have around 7 lakh apps available on Google Play and iOS App Store respectively, Windows Phone Store has only 1.2 lakh. Microsoft is working on developing more apps for the future but for now users will have to do with what they get.

Update Cycles:

Android launches the most updates in a year. And with every update provides a smoother interface and great new features. Since it took Microsoft two years to move from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 and since Windows Phone cannot be updated to 8 there arnet high hopes for the updates.

Other reported problems of WP8:

  • Loss of Wi-Fi when phone is locked.

  • Random reboots and freezes

  • Issues while pairing Bluetooth with car Bluetooth systems.

Despite many good features these are some reasons why Windows Phone 8 may not rival Android and Apple, however it is too soon to pass a verdict and only time will tell.

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