Windows 8- What new to expect

Windows 8 is now available in market for download with completely new and user friendly interface with some improved changes in the keyboard desktop and mouse. Therefore, everything you see in Windows 8 is new and improved.


Windows 8 (Make ideas Happen)


The day it has been launched, many people are wondering if the performance has been increased or decreased or is the same. Microsoft has made it clear to the users that the performance of windows 8 is better than windows 7 even with the metro interface running on the desktop top. Notebook and tablet users would see a notable change in the enhanced performance of windows 8. With the increased performance level, your work becomes faster and more organized.

The start screen:

Windows 8 start screen replaces the old start menu. For the windows phone users, the screen would be familiar. There are tiles representing applications and there is a set of information available for most of the applications. For instance, the email tile would inform you about your unread emails. The calendar would remind you of the forthcoming events. You might be wondering if the screen looks too stuffed and complicated, no it doesn’t. You can press D+ windows to view the familiar desktop screen instead.


Once you are on your desktop, the world would look much more familiar. You have your desktop icons, taskbar, normal windows applications etc. The start menu is not there though. You can move to the left corner and click in order to go back to the start screen. Like the old version of start menu, you can type to search the applications whenever you are on the start screen.

Windows store:

The windows store resembles the home screen, with tiles corresponding to different featured apps and categories. Then you can see the more detailed list of apps available. And the windows store does not only contain touch based apps but there are also many traditional desktop applications. So no matter what interface you are using, you do have one portal to explore all the applications of your windows. The stores consists of paid and free both apps.


Windows 8 Performance

Task manager:

Microsoft has finally redesigned their task manager which looks great. The task manager is very simple for the basic tasks. However, if you are looking forward to advance working, you can use the detailed task manager which is filled with information on RAM and CPU usage, history, Metro app, and startup tweaking.

In short, there is much more available in windows 8 then it can be mentioned. It is completely renewed and contains many exciting features. Every feature of windows 7 has been enhanced and improved in windows 8. There are new exciting features which ensure the newest level of technology provided by Microsoft. The windows tiles make it look easier and comfortable to work on. So anybody thinking of downloading windows 8 must give it a start. Windows 8 is definitely worth downloading and using.

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