Windows 8 basics- tips and tricks

Microsoft has completely given a new name to the Windows in the form of Windows 8. Though it’s not difficult to understand the changes and new features, there are some tips and tricks I would like to share.


Windows 8 basics

After starting Windows 8 for the first time, you will be provided with an option of using a Microsoft account to log in. There are many advantages of this. You can have access to the Microsoft cloud storage, you can synchronize your browser bookmarks and preferences across many windows 8 devices, and you can link the cloud services to your account. However, if you have already used a Windows live services in past you don’t need the account because you already have it. This account can be linked with any present account you have, you don’t necessarily need a hotmail account. Also, there is no rush. You can add this account after installing windows 8 in your PC.

For a quick start, you will need Windows 8 express settings. All the setting is changeable, just like the account. You can change these settings any time you want to. However, the express settings provide high level security and the best mix of functionality.


Most of the things you will do in Windows 8 is done by the “charms” which is the set of five icons that can be collected on the right side of the start screen or from inside any app. If you want to bring up these charms, all you have to do is to hang up your mouse on the lower or upper hand corner of the screen by using C+ windows.

Start screen

You can perform most of the start screen tasks from the keyboard, touch or by mouse. You can become quite effective being around the screen and without letting your fingers leave the keyboard.

To open your applications, you have to touch or click on the tiles. To scroll up and down you can use mouse or drag it with your finger. To move from one tile to another you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.


Tips and Tricks


The operating system provides you two places from where you can change the settings of your windows. One is the traditional control panel while other is the full interface “PC settings”. You can access it from the charm settings.

Windows 7’s traditional way of turning off your computer has also been changed. Now to turn off your computer you have to open the charm sidebar and click on the settings in the charm. Then what you have to do is to click or touch the power icon you will see when you will open the setting charms.

Windows 8 has provided all this information in the tutorial as well. These are some of the tips to help you easily work on Windows 8 and get your work started already. There are changes to the organization and quality of features, however using them is equally simple.

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