Why Contact Page should be impressive

The Contact Us page is one of the most important page of any website that plays an important role for the website. Using this page, visitors, press, bloggers, or even advertisers can get in touch with you very easily. For business owner, a contact us page connects visitors into talented customers for their website. Using Contact Us page, people can contact you by various means such as; by sending email or physical mail, by filling form, or through phone number provided on the Contact Us website page. Phone number of the website gives quick response then other responsive elements of the Contact Us page. Although, we all know Contact Us page is how much important, so, it should be functional, attractive, and responsive.

Major Elements of the Contact Us Page

Contact Form

Although, a Contact Form is one of the most significant element of Contact Us page, that’s why, before design it, you should decide the correct location of this element in the Contact Us page. Correct location makes it more appealing for people who like user-friendly things. Most probably it should be in center of the page that anybody can see and understand.
A Contact Form fields should be minimum, so that, people can easily fill and submit the form. More amounts of fields in a Contact Form consumes more time in filling and submitting the form, sometime it becomes complicated and boring that makes people to leave the form.
While designing a Contact Form, highlight the current field with another color, a bold or dotted line to indicate which field is active right now.

Email Address

Some people don’t like to fill the Contact Form, they feel more comfortable in sending email through email address provided by company website. People feel more comfortable in sending email instead of filling form and emailing saves their time too.
Email address provided on a company website should be unique and should describe the correct information about a particular email address.

Phone number

Phone number of a company website is a quick resource of communication that makes confidential relations between you and your visitors. By giving these contact details to visitors, company shows their more thrust and wish to sell.

Social media links

Strong connection with Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest) maximizes your online exposure, and social media links on your website gives double benefits if they work. Web designers are putting these links either in the home page of the company website or Contact Us page at the most visible place. Earlier, when people did not know the importance of these social media links, these links were just only capturing the website space for nothing, but from when people were started knowing the importance of these links (or started knowing social media is also a good resource of communication), these links became very beneficial for website owner.

Interactive map

Interactive map is good investment to a Contact web page. It makes your website more up-to-date. Although, for any website owner, users are their main focus, so by understanding needs of users; website owners were invested on Interactive map and this has become a worth investment. Using this map, when you place any location on it will guide you with correct route and take you to the correct place. After using this map, it is not required to go for Google map or other GPS service app, this map is much more capable to do everything in a single browser.

Confirmation message

Usually, we get the confirmation message after filling and successfully submitting a Contact Form, saying that; “Your message has been sent successfully”. For any website, it is necessary to show this message otherwise people will again and again submit the form in confusion. So, to conform them that the form has been submitted successfully, this message is necessary.


In conclusion, for any website, Contact Us page is a strong communication medium to communicate with visitors, advertisers, other publishers, etc…It should be simple and short with clear information, so that; people won’t face difficulty in finding, filling, submitting, and communication. It should be created in a manner that people should not have to waist more time on communicating with you.

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