What is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft surface is the series of tablets specially marketed and designed by Microsoft. It was introduced on June 18 2012 by CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer in Los Angeles. The Microsoft surface comes in two editions: One with Windows 8 pro while another with Windows RT. The RT surface model uses ARMCPU while Windows 8 pro uses Intel CPU. However both models are capable of installing new apps through windows store. But windows 8 pro would allow users to install third party desktop programs.


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Windows surface pro and windows surface both has screens of 10.6 inches with 16:9 aspect ratios. Both versions use Microsoft clear HD display technology and can support ultra wide view angle and an auto adjusting screen. While making an announcement Michael Angiulo mentioned that when the surface pro was held at 17 inches, the human eye won’t be able to differentiate between the individual pixels.

Touch Cover and Type Cover

Microsoft has offered two covers for keyboards- the type covers and the touch covers which connects with the surface through magnetic strip. Both covers serve as protection when they are folded against the device and they work as keyboards when undoes. The size of touch cover is 3.25mm thick and is a pressure sensitive keyboard. The type cover on the other hand is 6mm thick which includes physical keys. The keyboards have accelerometer sensor to determine whether to accept an input or not. Also the covers include multitouch touchpad.


Microsoft surface launched with general availability was released on October 26, 2012, while the surface pro was available right after 3 months. Initially, the surface was available only online and on Microsoft stores. The president of Windows said that the price of the surface RT will be decided after comparing with other ARM devices. And the price of surface pro will be decided after comparing it with ultrabooks. Recently in an interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmar stated that “sweet spot” for PC market was about $300 to $800, however no more details were provided.


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The surface RT would make you feel like it’s a little premium product. The quality and details are suggestive of Apple ipad. The proof of its high quality standard is shown in the keyboard opening and closing way. How satisfyingly it falls into its place.

The battery life of the surface has not been clearly mentioned till now. However, it has been reported that battery life is good but it falls intensely only when shooting videos or using the media player. And at times, after just an hour use the battery depletes. So it is not still clear that how much exactly is the battery timings.

Many people are satisfied with the surface RT and surface Pro. The keyboard covers are the most famous thing about Microsoft surface. Most of the youth is buying it only because of these covers and the screen display which is excellent enough. So everyone who’s looking forward to it must give it a try.

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