Ways to Secure Worldwide Gmail Account

Google, a Gmail creator. When world think of safety and friendliness, the first name comes in mind is Google, a popular search engine to provide a popular mail service – Gmail. At present, Gmail has become a heart of people; they can’t assume their life and daily work without Gmail. This vital thing can also be unsafe or hacked by hackers, if user does not know that how to protect it.

One of the good thing about Gmail is – its awesome security features, some people know and some does not know that how to use those features. This article aim is to protect Gmail account Worldwide.

Set-up 2-Step Verification

To overcome hacking issues, Google has created a strong security feature which will surely strengthen the worldwide Gmail account that is “2-step Verification” feature. Actually, this feature provides double layer of security by enquiring a code that will be sent to user phone every time user request for the account access.  Therefore, makes impossible for anyone to hack into the user account without phone.

This set-up function is very easy, just visit the set-up page URL: “https://accounts.google.com/b/0/SmsAuthConfig” and follow a series of simple instructions. In case of any problem visit the Help page URL: “http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=guide.cs&guide=1056283&answer=185834&rd=3” to get solution.

This functionality also facilitates to create a backup phone number and printable backup codes as alternatives to access particular account, in case of phone lose. If any application does not request the verification code, create an application-specific password for them.

Generate a Strong Password

A part from 2-step verification function, user can only trust on strong password function to guard their mails, contacts and sensitive information. Create strong and safe password because strong password always secures mails from hackers attack.

Try to avoid easy passwords like “abcdef” or “1234556” because this much simple password can be hacked very easily. It’s better to create strong password that should be more than 8 characters long and a mixture of characters and numbers.

Confirm Granted Account Access

At first, user should check the doubtful activities happening in their Gmail account, is possibly “granted account access settings”. If any hacker wants to get into anyone account, they will try to create fake mail account into interested Gmail account for easier future access, or for a re-hacking session if hacker other tricks were exposed and removed.
This is very easy, hacker just has to hack into their interested Gmail account while clicking on the gear-like icon, select the Settings –> Accounts –> Grant access to your account, then insert any fake email account into it.

Make sure that the option, “Mark conversation as read when opened by others” is checked, so that, when somebody is reading other mails without authorization, they will know about it.

Enable HTTPS Security

When user is opening their Gmail account in public wireless or non-encrypted networks, at that time HTTPS should be enable. Disable HTTPS feature, enables the attack on the path of the particular Gmail account. By default it is on but always to check that it is on or not.

To check that, first log-in to the Gmail account, A big gear-like icon will show on the top right side of the screen. Click on the gear icon –> Settings –> General –> Browser Connection and see whether the option, “Always use HTTPS” is checked. Remember to save the changes!.
“Always use HTTPS”, this means that the particular account is protected by a safe protocol that gives authenticated and encrypted communication.

Revoke Unauthorized Contact

Gmail calls other website or web applications to their account like; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many-more. That’s one of the hottest tricks that hackers use to access anyone Gmail.
Gmail has option to check that to how many applications or websites user account has given the granted access permission. Login to the account, Visit the URL: “https://accounts.google.com/IssuedAuthSubTokens”. Many Gmail users wouldn’t notice this security hole easily, as the option comes from your Google Account, to see a list of sites and/or web applications that user has granted access to.

Click on, “Revoke Access” if user gets any doubtful application, and it’s a good way to revoke access to any application that is unnecessary there, even if they are not dangerous.

Track Account Action

Google has created “Activity Information panel” for Gmail to track user account activities
It is very easy to get “Activity Information panel”. Google always work on this but user can also do it – manually. Log-in into the Gmail account and on the bottom part of user mail, see the message saying “Last Account Activity: (number) minutes ago“, click on the “Detail” then see the access type, location & date that user has signed into Gmail in past few days.

To the panel, user can also set “the Alert preference” that alert to the user when Gmail notices definite odd activities. Ensure that the “Activity Information panel” is always checked.


Professional hackers are really very smart to catch anyone Gmail account, it is very difficult to stop them while doing this. One and only solution to stop them or making difficult for them to access anyone account is by using given above ideas and features. This method might stop attack of hackers on users Gmail accounts.

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