Ways to recognize who’s behind that email address

Every day, you receive many emails from unknown people, email like; your inbox has won the prize of rupees 110$ or more than that or get free laptop, mobile, TV, etc. Be careful before replying to the same mail, senders might send those emails to track you or to get detail about you. Before replying, check properly who has sent that particular mail.
There are two ways to track the identity of a particular sender who has sent that email; either through the email address of a sender or the IP address of that particular sender.

These issues are not faced by one, by many. So, to come out of these issues, follow the given below tips and tricks might help you in resolving your email issues.

1# Google Search

If you received an email saying that you have won 1000$ from unknown sender, you are curious to know who has sent that email, whether that email is correct or not?
The most easy and simple way to track that email address is Google search. Copy and paste that particular email address to the Google search bar. If the email address is fake or scam, chances are more to get detail about the email. If you don’t find any information about the sender, appears as a legitimate one, then follow some tips and tricks for the confirmation.

2# Email Validity Indicators

If you really like to check the particular email is correct or fake? Here is the solution,

  • The sender’s email address doesn’t tie with the organization given address, and has come from a free web mail address.
  • Sender has not properly mentioned your name with the mail
  • The email comprises a sense of insistence about your reply or response
  • Many senders send website link with the mail to click and view more information related to the mail. These links usually appear as a fake link, fake means; the link will show bad server response, sometime link will be a broken, sometime will appear with few spelling mistake or sometime these links will redirect to the page where the page mentions to enter your personal information such as username, passwords, etc.

3# Use Facebook to Get Detail

To register on Facebook, email address is required, without email address Facebook won’t accept your form. Currently, Facebook has millions and billions of active users and day-by-day it is increasing. So that, there is a strong chance to track that particular sender’s email address. Only you have to copy and paste the email address to the Facebook search bar and click on the search bar. If search bar is able to find the result, will display the whole detail related to that particular email address or if doesn’t find anything then won’t display anything. Be careful while searching, you might get fake result too, timeline might help you in finding the particular one, scroll down and see the result.

4# Track the source of the particular Email IP Address

Only email content is not a resource to track sender information, through IP address too you can track a particular sender. Through, IP address you can easily find the location (city and country) of the email address.
To get the IP address, click on the “Reply” button to access email header and then click on the ‘Show Original.’ Open the email header and then find Received: From to get the nearby IP address. Copy and paste the IP address in the IP address search bar of IPLocation or Youngestsignal to catch the source of the email.

5# Search to all Social Media Sites

If you didn’t get result from Facebook, search on other famous social media sites. Definitely, in any of the social media site you will get the result, but checking email address one-by-one on all social media sites is a lengthy process and time consuming also.
Pipl and Spokeo are two online tools help users in searching information in many social media sites and blogs together, information like; email address, username or phone number. These tools are very easy and flexible, provide search result in less time, and provide many options to search for a particular person – you can search for a particular person through their name, email, or phone number.

6# Search through picture

You can also search for a particular sender through their profile picture. Use online tool like; “Google Images”, upload the images by small camera icon on the right side of the search bar, after image get uploaded, click the blue search button will fetch and display all websites, blogs and other online sources where the particular image has been used.


People really get confused while getting suspicious kind of mails; hackers send those mails to track your detail. So, whenever you get any suspicious mail please use all above tricks to enquire about that particular sender.

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