Using Articles for Marketing Online

When merchants want to increase traffic to their targeted audience, a system that they turn to most often is article marketing to provide useful information that others will find relevant, read and use to visit a website. Content that is often found in these types of articles help potential customers learn more about services and products that can be found on a particular website. The audience that these articles are written for then intrigues the readers to visit the website and hopefully become potential customers.

Business News

Business News

Types of Articles that Are Often Used for Marketing

Some of the articles that are often used are for SEO purposes. For search engine optimization, these types of articles are often filled with certain keyword phrases that are relevant to a certain topic and can be linked to a website. The phrases appear in about 3% of the article’s content but are not stuffed or can appear spammy. There articles can be written with primary and secondary keywords and direct users to certain websites.

Other articles that are helpful for marketing contain no certain keywords. Sometimes they may include a hyperlink to a certain website to help guide users to the website. The information in the articles simply tell something informative about the industry or information about products to try to entice the reading audience.

Articles are often used for promotional purposes. These may be used to introduce products or inform current or potential customers about any upcoming events. Because these articles are targeted at two different types of audiences, both current and future consumers, these articles can build business but also encourage sustainability.

Why Article Content is Important

The information that is usually found in articles that are used for marketing may sometimes be packed with keywords for SEO purposes which then increases backlinking. The purpose of this is so that these articles can help build up a website’s potential to rank higher on search engine websites such as Bing, Google or Yahoo! Some of the articles, though, just provide information that potential customers may need to research a product or learn more about an industry. People often come looking for promotional items, new technology or changes in a particular industry.

Keep Articles Relevant

One of the major tips that any person can offer to a company that is using articles is that these must be released in a timely manner. The articles must be constantly updated and address new information or upcoming events. Content should be fresh and intriguing so that visitors that are reading them at least get something out of it.

These articles should not rattle off on different tangents. It is often a good idea for a business that has a website to outsource the writing of these articles to companies or individuals that write these for as a career. They are professional writers, can help develop keywords and can allow business operators to do some of the other tasks that they need done rather than just writing article content all day.

Business News

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Hints for Writing Articles

  • Outsource the writing

  • Keep ideas of what type of information you want to project to your audience

  • Keep them short and sweet. Anything around 600 words gets the point across and keeps the attention of the audience

  • Decide what your goals are and who your audience is

  • Keep articles fresh and update them on a steady basis to stay fresh in people’s minds

After following some of these helpful hints about article marketing, website owners will find that they will have a lot more success in obtaining traffic to their websites and hopefully increase profitability.

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