Troubleshoot and Avoid the Mozilla Firefox Crash

Firefox can crash due to various reasons, but how fast it crashes that much fast it can be fixed. It is so capable in holding many other software, extensions, themes, plug-ins, security software, graphics drivers, and many – more, but it is incapable to hold expired software and drivers, and this becomes a reason of system crash.
Note: During crash, Firefox ends or quits suddenly and displays the Mozilla Crash Reporter.

Reset the Mozilla Firefox

When you’re Firefox crashes and you are incapable in finding and resolving the exact issue, then just don’t waist you time, reset the Firefox will create new profile folder (stores your personal data), bookmarks, browser history, saved passwords, cookies, etc.
Although, Firefox extensions and themes become major reason of system crash, the reset process refreshes your old extensions, themes, bookmarks and profile folder with new one.
To reset the Firefox,
Open the Firefox, go to the Menu bar and then click on Help –> Troubleshooting Information.
In the Troubleshooting Information window, click on the Reset Firefox button will create a new profile with the migration of all old data. This fresh and new profile will be surely helpful in fix your Firefox crashes.
Note: After this reset process, if issue is still there, reinstall your favorite extensions one-by-one you might get the actual reason of crash.

Turn-off the Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration uses the computer’s graphics cards and graphics drivers to speedily display text and objects on the web page, but sometime the hardware acceleration cause problems with some graphics drivers and graphics cards.
If you feel that due to hardware acceleration your Firefox crashes then open the Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the Tools –> Options.
When the Options dialog box opens, click on the Advanced button, in the General tab uncheck the checkbox “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
After disabling this feature, restart the Firefox, if Firefox doesn’t crash, then hardware acceleration was the actual reason of Firefox crash.
Update and install all necessary graphics drivers and then see that issue has been resolved or not, if not then leave hardware acceleration disabled on your system, but if your system and browser is responding well then don’t disable it.
System Hardware can also become reason of Firefox crash. If, Firefox crashes regularly, check your system RAM for error.

Check for Virus

Virus can crash your system and browser both. If, Firefox crashes regularly due to system virus, then download and install any good anti-virus into your system and scan your system everyday using it. There are various anti-viruses in the market, choose any one of them to use comfortable.

Update your Software

Firefox also crashes when various programs run on your system simultaneously. When various programs run on the system either; Firefox crashes or hangs, in both the case Firefox closes suddenly.
So to avoid the system crash, uninstall all unnecessary software from your system and keep only the necessary one. Software that are installed on your system update them regularly.

  • Update your Firefox: Go to Menu bar, click on Help –> About Firefox, the About Mozilla Firefox window will start checking and updating the programs.

When update process gets over, it will ask you to restart your Firefox browser and system.

  • Plug-ins: Either; uninstall or update all plugins that are required for your browser to run efficiently.
  • Extensions and Themes: To turn-off any extension and theme, open the Firefox, go to Tools –> Add-ons –> Extensions; select the extension that you want to turn-off.
  • Update Windows: Use Windows Update to update the Windows.
  • Graphics Drivers: Update and Install all necessary graphics drivers into your system.
  • Internet Security Software: Install the latest versions of firewall, antivirus, Internet security suites, and other security tools into your system.


Mozilla Firefox is a fastest and lightest browser that people use regularly, but its regular use crashes it-self very soon. How much fast it crashes that much fast it can be recovered. Use your browser carefully, if then too it crashes, use all above tricks to resolve the issue.

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