Top 7 Business Apps For Your New iOS

Your mobile phone is your best friend! You want a meal, schedule an urgent meeting, need to see your doctor or want to speak to your daughter staying in hostel; do it all when you have a phone. This gadget never says no. Life is just easy. Thanks to technological innovations.

Technology has not only made living easier, rather it helped in a great way in learning and doing business. Better technology means better business. This is why companies involved in technology business employ full time R & D Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians and Social Scientists to improve on technology and multiply in business.

When we talk about innovation in technology, ‘Apple’ is one such name that really made a huge impact in the way people work and do business. Recently, Apple has lunched iOS 7, the new Operating System for its mobile devices. Leveraged with cool features the iOS 7 is soon going to found a place in every next palm.

Here we are presenting 7 Business Apps that every business owner should download in his / her Apple Mobile over iOS 7.


Mailbox come is total new looks compatible with new iOS interface. This email app keeps your mail on track by putting them on ‘To Do List’, so you miss out nothing.


iOS comes with dazzling new looks and new features of Control Center and AirDrop. The Evernote popular note taking mobile app is redesigned to sync better with iOS 7 beautiful screen.


Its wonderful tool that every project manager should have in his / her iOS 7 device. Now track what the PR Team doing, Schedule your business meetings, set work deadlines and collaborate asking your team to stick with schedule and finish on time. Collaborate is just another good friend during work.

Google Drive:

Its great file sharing app. Now Google Drive comes for iOS 7, just download, and save or share notes, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, ebooks and media across your work group. Sharing via Google drive is on iOS device is just as fun as sending an iMessage.


The Skype is excellent for making ‘Skype to Skype’ Free Video and Voice Calls and Conference. This beautiful app is compatible with iOS 7. Just download and enjoy unlimited free calling.


Your secretary may turn late or causes a mistake in writing date and time. But fantastical never misses. This is a beautiful calendar app available for iOS 7. Download it and schedule your days worry free. Just awesome!


This is widely popular Cloud Storage App now available for iOS 7. However, ask your IT guys if this will work for you and not blocked by your company. If so, wait for a while till Box Notes iOS 7 comes out of its Beta version.

Open Table:

Do your business need you travel often? Why to wait in restaurant queue to get a place after a long journey? Just download this app for iOS 7 and use it for advanced booking in restaurants.