Tools to Reduce Computer-Related Eye Strain

Weather, you work for IT Company or any other organization where you watch computer screen for thirteen to fourteen hours in a day. You may manage this schedule for few days, but after some days; probably you can face certain computer eye strain (Headaches, burning eyes, irritation and tiredness) that comes because of watching computer screen for long hours.
I can just say, don’t use computer for more hours, but I know it is not so easy. Sometime, while facing computer strain too, you have to watch your computer screen for many hours.
Yes, you can’t stop watching your computer screen, but you can reduce computer eye strain related issue by application of some useful tools.
Let’s see how these tools are helpful in reducing computer eye strain,


Workrave is an easy to use open-source cross-platform break reminder tool that recovers and prevents computer users from facing work-related sicknesses, such as, headaches, burning eyes, irritation, tiredness, etc…
Usually, this tool locks the screen or reminds you when any animated character pop-up, any task stretches for longer period or you take coffee break (short)/rest break (long).
You can customize, skip or postpone the breaks as per your requirement. When the break gets activated, it won’t let you to use your computer until the break time gets over. If you want to use your computer during break time, either; skip or postpone the break.
Works on OS: Windows & Linux


f.lux is a wonderful tool in releasing computer eye strain during work. It automatically adjusts your computer screen brightness to the time of day, so that; your eyes will get relief from watching a very bright screen in a dark place.
To activate this tool, the only thing is required your “current location” where you live right now, the f.lux will automatically decide and set the sunset time the sun sets. During the sunset time; the tool will automatically dim the computer screen, every day. You can customize the f.lux too; if you are doing any graphics and flash related task, you can f.lux for one hour.
Works on OS: Windows


EyeLeo is a handy computer tool, lives in your System Tray, often reminds you to take short breaks or long for your eyes. Its screen look feature activates the short term (10 minutes) break and the long term (1 hour) break. To utilize that break time, it also provides some eye exercises to relax your eyes. Its Strict mode (valuable for workaholics) prevents you from missing breaks.
Works on OS: Windows


EyeDefender is also work in a same manner how other eye strain relief tools work, as a break reminder. It prevents Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) comes due to eyestrain, , delayed focusing, headaches, blurred vision, dry and burning eyes, back and neck aches, distorted color vision, light sensitivity, forehead heaviness, and sore eyes.
Once you installed this tool sits on the system tray and shows the remaining time left for the next break. During the break time it perform one of the following task,

  • Displays pictures in a predefined folder
  • Runs the visual training to relax the eyes
  • Runs a default screensaver
  • Displays a popup timed reminder in the system tray.

It also resolves computer related problems, like; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS).
Works on OS: Windows


Computer eye strain is common for people who work on system and now it has become a major issue (disease). To come out of it, people are ready to pay more and more. Try out all above tools might help you in resolving eye strain related issue.

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